Naomi Simson Net Worth

Naomi Simson is a successful Australian entrepreneur. She started her career in the corporate marketing field, which eventually led her to start her own company. The company she founded is called RedBalloon. It is an online gift retailer that sells experiences, instead of physical gifts.

After being an entrepreneur for many years, she earned a fortune from her company. In fact, she has made over $40 million from her business. Besides her earnings from RedBalloon, she has also earned millions from selling her books. One of her most popular books is Ready to Soar: Turn Your Idea Into Reality.

When she was a teenager, she wished to be an artist. However, she decided to pursue a career in the marketing and business field, which she did by earning a degree in commerce from the University of Melbourne. She then worked with several companies, including Apple Computer Australia, IBM, Ansett Airlines, and KPMG. Eventually, she met her husband, Peter Simson, and they began a family. Unfortunately, they divorced after twenty years of marriage.

Naomi Simson is a famous Australian entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Big Red Group, which operates marketplace brands like Marketics (Albert AI), Adrenaline, and Lime&Tonic. Additionally, she is the governor of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Having been awarded several prestigious awards, Naomi Simson is one of the top entrepreneurs in Australia.

Aside from her successes in business, Simson has also been recognized as a member of the Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence. She was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Ernst & Young organization in 2011. Her success in the tech world has prompted her to write several books, including Ready to Soar: Turn Your Idea into Reality, and Live What You Love.

As a celebrity, Naomi Simson has appeared on television shows such as Shark Tank and Tea with Jules. However, her personal life remains private. Most of her fame is derived from her involvement in the business community. To date, she is ranked among the 30 most influential tech celebrities on Twitter.

In 2009, she appeared on the reality show The Secret Millionaire – Australia. In return for her appearance on the show, she gave away $750,000 to various charities and causes. Several disadvantaged areas in Australia also received grants from her.

Naomi Simson is also a blogger and writer. She has written three books. Among them are Ready to Soar, which is her most popular book, and Live What You Love. These books have helped her achieve a lot of success in her professional life. With the help of her hard work and determination, she has made a huge fortune and become a successful entrepreneur.

Simson has two children from her previous marriage. They are twins. Nevertheless, she prefers not to reveal their identities. Currently, she and Stuart King live in a house in Australia. Despite the fact that they have teenage kids, they enjoy dating.

Having been married to Peter Simson for twenty years, Naomi Simson is now divorced. She and Stuart King still have a love-hate relationship. On the fifth anniversary of their first date, they got married. Their marriage is a private one.