Nate Barger Net Worth

It’s no secret that Nate Barger has made a lot of money in the real estate business. He’s a self-employed real estate investor who has flipped more than 4,000 homes and commercial properties. In addition to owning real estate, he’s a coach and author who helps others achieve financial success. His net worth is estimated at over a million dollars.

The story of Nate Barger is one of great inspiration and motivation. As a former felon, he had to go through a lot to get his life back on track. He learned to appreciate hard work and delayed gratification, both of which helped him achieve the financial freedom he wanted. And he now shares those valuable resources with his listeners.

In his podcast, he breaks down his journey from poverty to success. Not only does he show how he was able to start from nothing, he also discusses how he has a knack for finding real estate deals and how he can help others achieve their goals. Whether they want to buy single family homes, apartment buildings, or industrial buildings, Nate knows how to find them and turn them into profit.

When he first got started in the real estate business, Nate started out with zero money. While he was still in college, he bought seven rental units. With his earnings, he was able to buy a primary home and two businesses, raising his income to more than $350K in less than 7 years. Now, Nate is a self-employed real estate investor who owns a hotel and has plans to buy more than 100 hotels in 2021. Moreover, he’s been able to help hundreds of people acquire profitable businesses with low money down.

Although Nate’s background wasn’t glamorous, it was his drive and determination that led him to become the successful real estate investor that he is today. He has taught thousands of other people how to create wealth and achieve financial freedom. He also created the Real Estate Millionaires podcast to share his experiences and lessons learned. Today, he’s not just a mentor and teacher, he’s a friend who wants to help others succeed.

Having worked with numerous other millionaires, Nate has a wealth of experience with both commercial and residential properties. This includes apartments, hotels, and million dollar real estate deals. One of the things that makes him unique is that he has been convicted of a drug charge, but he’s managed to recover and continue to make great deals in the real estate business. He’s also a member of the coaching and education group, the Firehouse Bros. They teach others how to scale their business, delegate, and more.

If you are looking to become a real estate investor or are curious about what the best practices are, then you’ll love this episode! You’ll learn about the strategies that worked for Nate and his other millionaire real estate investors, as well as the resources that you can use to find the right investments for you.