Neil Breen Net Worth

Neil Breen is an American filmmaker. He is known for his films which deal with corruption and paranormal forces. His movies are a staple in cult cinema. Several of his characters are given supernatural powers and have to fight against evil and corrupt forces.

After graduating with a degree in architecture from the University of California, Neil Breen went on to work in Las Vegas. While working as a real estate agent, he made the transition from his profession to become a film director. In 2005, he released his first feature film called Double Down. The film was later featured on RedLetterMedia’s Best of the Worst online series.

In addition to his movie career, Neil Breen is an architect and a real estate agent. He has a net worth of at least $2 million, which is mainly derived from his filmmaking.

Although Neil Breen is well known on the Internet for his films, he does not disclose a lot about his personal life. He does not have a family of his own, and prefers to keep his personal life private. However, he has taken to using social media to share pictures and videos with his fans.

As an independent filmmaker, Neil Breen has built a fan following for his unconventional style of writing and editing. His films have been acclaimed for their low budget production values and cult appeal.

He has starred in five of his own films, and is considered a cult figure for his alternative acting styles. He has also received critical acclaim for his work as a director. For his third feature film, Breen was compared to Tommy Wiseau, the director of The Room.

Neil Breen has also been known for his independent films, as he has made them entirely with his own money. In 2022, he released a five-film retrospective. Since he produces his films on his own, it is difficult to access his earlier work. He sells his work on DVD through websites, but he has removed his earlier works from circulation.

Breen’s newest release is a documentary style film titled Five Film Retrospective. His other films include Fateful Findings, Pass Thru, and Double Down.

Neil Breen’s movies have a unique vision, with characters who are usually fighting against corrupt institutions or other people who are inhumane. Neil Breen’s characters often have superhuman abilities and are forced to deal with a supernatural force, such as ghosts, demons, and other evil entities.

Neil Breen’s films are highly regarded by cult cinema audiences for their edgy, alternative portrayals of a world dominated by rogue, corrupt forces. His films often feature elements of hacking for good, and are a satire of the corrupt government system. Ultimately, Neil Breen has a very solid message that his audiences enjoy. Despite his reputation as a director, he does not want to become a Hollywood insider group. He wants to continue creating films that deliver movies on their own.

Neil Breen’s net worth of at least $1.5 million as of September 2022 is estimated primarily from his filmmaking career, which has a strong cult following. Though he has had success as a director, he has yet to win any awards for his work.