Nicole Laeno Net Worth – How Much Does Nicole Laeno Earn?

Nicole Laeno is an American dancer and model. She has appeared in various television shows. Her popularity is growing rapidly. In the coming years, she is likely to become a household name.

Laeno has been involved in dancing from a very early age. The young star started participating in hip hop dance classes when she was only six years old. Afterward, she took professional dance lessons. At the age of eight, she joined Fusion Studios’ advanced dance competition team.

Nicole’s parents are Filipino and Vietnamese. Her mother, Linda Laeno, is a housewife. Moreover, her father, Noel Laeno, is a businessman. However, both of her parents have encouraged her to pursue a career in dancing.

After finishing her primary and secondary education, Nicole continued studying at a local high school in Bellflower. Later, she began taking part in different dance workshops across the country. She also took part in several dance competitions, including a $5,000 contest. This was the start of her career. Ultimately, she won the contest.

As a dancer, Nicole Laeno has appeared in the Dance-Off Juniors and Boss Cheer, and has been featured on popular YouTube channels. Her dancing skills have earned her a number of scholarships.

She has been very active on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram. She has a fanbase of over two million followers on these platforms. Additionally, she has an official store that offers a variety of merchandise. These items include phone cases, mugs, sweat pants, and clothing.

She has also appeared in numerous music videos. For example, she was a part of the music video by Mariah Carey for her holiday special. Moreover, she has worked with many brands to promote their products. Most of her income comes from the YouTube channel, which generates more than 1.3 million dollars before taxes. Currently, she has 2.42 million subscribers on her own channel.

Although she is young, Nicole has made a great name for herself. Her appearance on Hyperlinked is her most recent venture. Moreover, she has been awarded Hollywood Vibe’s “Regional Dancer of the Year” for the 2016-17 season. It is also expected that she will earn a considerable amount of money in the coming years.

While most of her income comes from YouTube, Nicole also earns from brands that are willing to endorse her. She has been signed to the Movement Talent Agency. Among the brands that have worked with her are, Calvin Klein, and Target. There is also a line of Nicole Laeno’s own merchandise sold through Fanjoy.

Nicole Laeno has an estimated net worth of $2.4 million. The source of her income is unknown, but it is believed that she earns $180,000 to $209,000 a year. A good portion of her income comes from social media, where she shares lifestyle content. Despite her youth, Nicole has managed to keep her private life under wraps. She hasn’t disclosed her dating history in public, and she has been very selective about her relationships.