NoPhone Net Worth 2022

NoPhone is a company that is supposed to help people break their phone addiction. The company was created by a man named Ben Langeveld and a man named Ingmar Larsen. As of today, the company is still active and sells its products through its website and Amazon. Although the product was first presented on Shark Tank, the company hasn’t yet revealed any financial information.

When NoPhone was first presented on Shark Tank, the owners asked for $25,000 to take 25% of the company. They estimated their net worth to be around $150k. One of the sharks, Chris Sheldon, mentioned that phone dependency is a huge problem in society.

Since then, the company has grown and expanded its product line. They have also introduced a waterproof model without a battery. Currently, the company sells a no-service plan phone called NoPhone Air. It is made out of a piece of plastic and is available for $5 on the company’s website. A new product called Family Plan was introduced as well.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, NoPhone had sold 31,000 units. During that time, it earned about triple the expected budget. However, many of the investors who took a risk on the startup left the company. Despite this, the company’s founders have a net worth of about 15 million dollars as of 2022. But despite the fact that they haven’t been able to publish any financial information, it’s still possible to get a good idea of their net worth by looking at the FAQs on the website.