Novi Brown Net Worth

Novi Brown is a social media influencer. Her net worth is estimated between $1 million and $5 million. She has made her wealth from her acting career and from modeling. Throughout her career, she has starred in more than 15 films, including Tyler Perry’s Sistas. In addition, she has appeared in several National Geographic programs, such as Cosmos.

Novi Brown was born in Berlin, Germany, on November 14, 1986. During her childhood, her parents provided her with plenty of love and support. But after she became a successful actress, she decided to move to the United States. Now, Novi is living in New York.

Novi Brown is a German-born actress and model. She studied theater at City College of New York and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. As a natural hair advocate, she is currently promoting the idea that black women should embrace their natural looks. She has published beauty content on her YouTube channel, Naturally Lit.

In her early years, Novi lived between the U.S. and Germany. Upon her arrival in the US, she worked as a model. From there, she made her way to the tv industry. After landing a regular role in the popular show, Sistas, she was thrust into the spotlight. Since then, she has starred in numerous projects.

The first thing that made Novi famous is her role as Sabrina Hollins in the TV series, Tyler Perry’s Sistas. This is a show that focuses on single dark females. Its cast includes Eboni Obsidian and Novi Brown. Both of these actresses have done a great job in their roles, which is why they are considered to be one of the best actors in the country.

Among the other roles that Novi has played, she has also starred in NCIS. She has also appeared in several other movies, such as Spider, Creepy Crawly, and Alone in the Dark. Though she has not yet been married, Novi is dating Malcolm J. Cook, a professional photographer. They were together for several years before making their relationship public.

Currently, Novi is still working as a model. However, she is also an internet based life influencer. On her YouTube channel, she publishes content on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. And she posts pictures on her Instagram account. At the moment, she has a total of 218,000 followers on her account.

While she is known to be one of the best actors in the world, she has also faced plenty of negativity and controversies. Despite that, she has always managed to maintain an impressive image. Instead of waiting for good things to happen, she does her best to keep away from controversies.

Novi Brown has an average engagement rate of 4.28%. She has a total of 456 posts on her account. Some of these posts are sponsored by advertisers, which means she has to pay a certain amount for them to be displayed. According to publicly available information, she earns between $654 and $1,090 per post.