Odesza Net Worth – How Much Is Odesza Worth?

One of the most popular electronic DJ duos in the industry, Odesza has managed to amass a large fan base. While the band hasn’t quite hit the mainstream, the duo has nonetheless earned praise from NPR and other reputable publications. The duo has also produced heavy instrumentals and pop-inspired hits. In fact, the group’s most recent album has garnered a gold certification.

The duo is comprised of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. Both were born in the U.S., and Clayton studied at Western Washington University before moving to Seattle. A few years later, the pair decided to team up. Now, they have produced two very successful albums and have an impressive number of social media accounts.

For starters, the duo has released a mobile app. They’ve also toured and performed at art festivals. As you can imagine, this has led to a slew of accolades. Their most recent album, “The Last Goodbye,” has garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. Other highlights include an impressive feat of obscurity, and a spot on the Billboard’s top dance/electronic artists list. However, the duo has always been more interested in generating a buzz with their music than attracting fans with the latest fads.

In the world of electronic dance music, there are plenty of bands to choose from. While the two aforementioned musicians are certainly not the first names that spring to mind, their performances on shows such as The Corners of the Earth have garnered praise from the likes of NPR and other reputable press. This has led to a massive fan base that will surely continue to grow, no matter how the industry evolves.

One of the most enlightening gimmicks to come out of the duo is their song titled the “Mirotico.” It’s not as slurpy as the title suggests, and it’s a great way to show the public that Odesza is more than just a pretty face. With their most recent album, “The Last Goodbye,” the duo proved that it can take a stab at the EDM market and do it well. Despite their acclaim for the aforementioned dance-centric record, they’ve always preferred exposure through art festivals over more conventional forms of entertainment.

The duo is also on the verge of making headlines at this year’s Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee. Featuring Paramore, Korn, and Lil Nas X, the event will take place from June 15 to 18. You can check out the full lineup of performers here. And if you haven’t heard of Odesza, you’ll want to check out their latest album. Although it’s no longer available on iTunes, it’s still worth a listen.

In the long run, music will never go out of style. When time demands a change, a successful singer or songwriter must be willing to make the jump. Fortunately for fans of the sexy-looking duo, they won’t have to wait too long for their next hit. And as of right now, they are one of the most promising acts in the business.