Off Grid With Jake and Nicole Net Worth

Off Grid With Jake and Nicole is a popular vlogging channel, owned by Jake Mace and Nicolle Mace. The channel was created in 2017 and has 1.54 million subscribers. According to the YouTube’s analytics, Jake and Nicolle are earning over $2400 per day through their online work. They have a shop called Komorebi where they sell products and wall calendars with photos from their Canadian island home.

Their main goal is to document their off-grid life in Canada and make it more accessible. In fact, they have recently built a log cabin on their property to add more space to their living quarters. It’s not clear whether they’re planning to relocate from Black Fish Hollow, the town in which they live, or to just stay put. Regardless, they look forward to having their child in the great outdoors.

Jake and Nicolle have a number of interests and hobbies. Nicole is a vegan and loves cooking. She is also a yoga fanatic. She started practicing Yoga at the age of 18 and has recently gotten certified as a yoga teacher. Similarly, Jake is a martial artist, has a degree in tai chi, and has taught a variety of martial arts. Some of his other interests include gardening, martial arts, and Kung Fu. He has even given a workshop on urban garden design in Tempe, Arizona.

Jake and Nicolle have an estimated net worth of $1.9 million. This comes from their net worth on YouTube, as well as ad sales, product sales, and other income streams. Jake and Nicolle have two dogs. These are Blue Heelers, Australian Cattle Dogs. While the couple is not married, Jake has a girlfriend named Pam.

Currently, the couple lives off-the-grid on eight acres of raw land, with no house or washroom. However, they plan to build a cob house. Additionally, they are developing an e-book cookbook of their recipes. Aside from their blog and YouTube channel, they also have a couple of online stores where they sell their products.

Although their channel is still relatively new, they have already received several awards for their accomplishments. One of the most prestigious was the “Best New Channel of the Year” award, which is given by the YouTube community. Another was the “Best of the Best” award, which was awarded for the most innovative video of the year. Besides videos, the channel has 292 other uploaded videos, with an overall audience of over 1.1 million. As of December 20, 2017, the channel has earned over 270 million views.

If you’re into the lifestyle of a “vegan, scavenger, and survivalist,” then you may enjoy watching Jake and Nicolle. Not only do they talk about their adventures, but they are also adamant about the importance of living a sustainable, holistic lifestyle. For example, they are working to convert their diesel van into runoff vegetable fuel. That way, they can keep their vehicle running and use their own food to power it.