Omar Vizquel Net Worth

Omar Vizquel is an accomplished baseball player. He is a member of the Hall of Fame. His career spanned four decades. During his playing years, he won eleven Gold Glove Awards. A few years after retirement, he returned to the field, coaching for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Before his big league career, he played in the Venezuelan Winter League. Upon making his MLB debut in 1989, he became known as “Little O.” From there, he spent six seasons with the Seattle Mariners. During his tenure, he also appeared in the World Series.

Throughout his career, Omar Vizquel earned a large sum of money. In 2004, he signed with the San Francisco Giants. After only four years with the Giants, Vizquel’s contract was not renewed. As a result, he went on to play for the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox. The Rangers later acquired him in 2009. At the end of his first season with the Giants, Vizquel had won 11 Gold Gloves.

During his time in the Majors, Vizquel has been on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for seven of his eighteen BBWAA appearances. However, his support among voting members of the BBWAA fell off a cliff. Over the course of his first two BBWAA ballots, only one writer voted for him: John Jaha. Unfortunately, that same writer opted to withdraw his name from the ballot. Despite the lukewarm response of his peers, Vizquel ended up getting 23.9% of the vote. By the time he made his third appearance in 2021, his support had dropped to 49.1%, a percentage that only continued to decline in January of that year.

In 2010, he was listed for sale at a house in Sammamish, Washington. That same year, his son, Omar Jr., joined the Cleveland Indians. During his time in the majors, Vizquel won nine consecutive gold gloves. Despite his impressive career, he has faced a few scandals. One came from a domestic abuse charge in 2016. Another came from allegations that he sexually harassed an autistic man. Those allegations have been largely unproven.

Despite his scandals, Vizquel is known as a baseball player who has always been committed to the game. He has worked for youth programs, helped with charity work and is involved in youth related activities. Since retiring from playing, he has been working as a coach for the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Despite all of his accomplishments, there are rumors that Omar Vizquel has not been fully truthful in his dealings with the media. There have been instances where he has lied about his weight, age and shoe size. While there have been no confirmed reports of a divorce, Vizquel prefers not to disclose his personal life.

Regardless of the controversy, he is still on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for another year. Interestingly, he has a better record for year-to-year BBWAA balloting loss than Luis Tiant.