Oscar DeGruy Net Worth

One of the most prolific actors to ever set foot in the Golden State has to be Oscar DeGruy, and judging by his latest flick, his stock has never been higher. This long-haired hare may not be the next Bill Gates, but he has certainly made his mark in the entertainment business. Among his recent credits, there’s no denying that he’s been in the saddle a few times. The latest of which was an appearance as the supporting actor in the 2008 film Zero Option. Aside from his day job, he has also been spotted making the rounds at the various festivals and events that comprise the San Francisco film industry. On top of that, he’s also been a big fan of the cult tv series, Breaking Bad. In fact, he’s even thrown in a few words with the show’s big wigs, including Robert De Niro and Aaron Eckhart. As a reward, he’s gotten some well-deserved attention from fans in the know. Whether or not he’s still around to see it is another question entirely.

While DeGruy isn’t a household name, his recent forays into the big and small screens haven’t been without their share of controversy. For example, he was rumored to have cheated in a couple of the series’ episodes, albeit for good reasons, and had been known to yell at his co-stars on several occasions. Despite this, he’s been a decent performer, with his latest movie, A Very Short Man, winning the best actor award. Other notable highlights include a small but devoted following.