Ozzie Guillen Net Worth

Ozzie Guillen has earned a fortune through his career as a professional baseball player and manager. His net worth is estimated to be about $18 million. He is also the first Latin American manager to win the World Series.

In addition to his baseball career, Ozzie Guillen has also worked as a television analyst and a talk show panelist for ESPN Deportes. He has also served as a manager for the Montreal Expos and the Miami Marlins. He is currently the director of the Miami Marlins. He has a reputation for being controversial and for making inappropriate comments.

As a Major League Baseball player, Ozzie Guillen has made a lot of money. He has earned over $23.5 million in total salary. However, he is not a member of the Hall of Fame. Although, he will be eligible again in 2023.

During his career as a pro baseball player, Ozzie Guillen has been tagged twice with a “trick” during the game. He was referred to as a “fag” in an article in the Chicago Sun-Times. Despite this, Guillen has remained a fan favorite. Moreover, he was a Gold Glove Award winner in 1990.

During his career as a manager, Ozzie Guillen managed the Miami Marlins, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Chicago White Sox. The last team he managed, the Miami Marlins, fired him after just one season.

After a successful career in the Major Leagues, Ozzie Guillen decided to go into coaching. He was the coach of the Florida Marlins from 2003 to 2011. When he was hired as the director of the Miami Marlins, he was given a 4-year $10 million contract. Sadly, the Marlins were not able to compete in the 2011 season and he was fired.

When he was in his manager’s position, Ozzie Guillen had his own issues. At the time, he was having problems with the team’s general manager. Nevertheless, he was able to lead the White Sox to the 2005 World Series. Afterwards, he declined a visit to the White House. On his part, he had a difficult relationship with the Sox’s general manager, who was not willing to allow him to work under his leadership.

He then moved to the radio network as a Spanish-speaking broadcaster. A few years later, his son, Oney, was drafted by the White Sox.

Since then, he has served as a color analyst and a talk show panelist for sports programs on ESPN and NBC Sports Chicago. He is also a studio analyst for NBC White Sox games. Besides his baseball skills, he is also known for his defensive skills.

He and his wife Ibis Cardenas Guillen are the parents of three children. They were married on March 2, 1983. This pair of former athletes have been together for 37 years. Their house is located in Homer Glen, Illinois. It is a five-bedroom home. The home will be refurbished in 2023.

Despite his successful career as a major leaguer, Ozzie Guillen has a very low net worth. As of mid-2017, his net worth is estimated at about $18 million.