Pastor Corey Brooks Net Worth

Pastor Corey Brooks is the leading man in the fight against violence in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods. He has been on the front line for many years and is the founder of the New Beginnings Church, which is in the heart of one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. And he is not alone.

One of his major projects is the construction of a community center in the Woodlawn neighborhood. The center will help re-shape the neighborhood and give kids a safe and secure environment to grow up in. Brooks is also raising money for the project, including the purchase of a rundown motel, a process he is proud to say he has led.

A lot of people may be unaware of Pastor Corey Brooks, but they should learn more about him. He has become a millennium catalyst for Urban America. As a pastor and entrepreneur, he has developed a number of strategies for repairing the city’s infrastructure, including the establishment of a public golf course, the installation of a new surveillance system, and the recruitment of business owners to build restaurants and job training centers.

Brooks has a net worth of about $68 million. His primary career is as a Reality Star, but he also has a significant amount of personal assets, including an art collection, a large home in California, and several properties in South Africa. Although he keeps his personal life private, Brooks is also known to be a philanthropist and an altruist.

Despite his wealth, he is not a big talker. But the most impressive thing about the Pastor Corey Brooks’ accomplishments is that he has been able to turn his passion for service into a viable source of income. For instance, he will be a part-time member of the Tollway Board, earning $31,426 per year. That’s a nice bonus, but he says he would rather see the money he has raised go to his various community-building endeavors.

Brooks is also well-versed in the science of the universe. In fact, he has been recognized by the International Bible Society for spreading the gospel. At the same time, the minister has delivered more than 50,000 books of scriptures.

Among his other achievements, Brooks is the chief strategist of Project H.O.O.D., an initiative designed to create community development corporations that bring jobs, business training, and other resources to the city’s most troubled neighborhoods. Additionally, he is the executive director of the Communities Development Corporation.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, he has also managed to get in the headlines for the wrong reasons. For example, Brooks’ decision to endorse Republican candidate Bruce Rauner has drawn the ire of the Chicago Sun-Times. While the Tribune’s survey has found Quinn to be ahead of Rauner among African-Americans, the minister has not said whether he is rewarded for bucking the trend.

Although there are many other pastors to choose from, Corey Brooks has made his mark on the American political landscape. Although he is not a household name, his commitment to serving the community and his financial contributions make him an important player in the fight against violence in the city’s most troubled areas.