Peedi Crakk Net Worth

Peedi Crakk is an American rapper who has been in the music industry since 2001. He is known for his high nasal tone and smooth flow. His best known albums include Sinner City (2009), Good Brutha Bad Brutha (2013), and Next Day Air (2009). In addition, he is also a member of the rap group State Property.

Peedi Crakk was born on September 25, 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He is of Puerto Rican descent. The rapper is currently signed with Amalgam Digital and G-Unit Philly. Currently, Peedi’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million dollars.

Peedi was a part of the original Rap Rat Pack, an American hip hop group. He later joined Jay-Z’s Roc-Nation, a recording label. Aside from his association with Jay-Z, Peedi also worked with Roc-A-Fella Records. However, his involvement with Roc-A-Fella ended in 2005. With the split of Roc-A-Fella Records, Dame Dash and Jay-Z’s Jam Recordings were created. During his time at Roc-A-Fella Records, Peedi performed on albums and appeared on mixtapes, which helped to establish his reputation in the music industry.

After his stint with Roc-A-Fella Records, it was rumored that Peedi was a free agent. Interestingly enough, he was offered a signing bonus of $10,000 from Damon Dash. While he was not interested in signing with Damon Dash, he did not refuse his offer. Unfortunately, Peedi’s relationship with Jay-Z was damaged by his decision to accept the offer.

Although his relationship with Jay-Z was not a positive one, he was still able to make a name for himself in the rap industry. Peedi made his debut single, “One For Peedi Crakk,” which reached number 40 on the R&B/hip-hop charts. This achievement was followed by his appearance on the soundtrack for the film Paid in Full.

Peedi has a family. He is a father of four sons. However, he is reluctant to talk about his personal life in interviews. Despite that, he has stated that he enjoys drinking and having fun with women. Moreover, he loves to listen to children babble.

Among the various sources of Peedi’s income, his album sales, and performances with Jay-Z have accounted for the majority. Some of his songs have been featured on Jay-Z’s albums, including “The Blueprint,” “The Gift Of The Curse,” and “The Story of O.J.”

Peedi has a great sense of humor. On the Internet, Peedi is known for his humorous comments. Many of these statements refer to his close relationships with his sons. Other rumors point to his fondness for booze and women. However, it is unknown whether these are true. Regardless, he is an underrated artist.

Though he has a promising career, Peedi has had his fair share of setbacks. It is believed that he would have been successful if he had released his debut record before 2005. Nonetheless, he did manage to become one of the top-selling rappers in America. If he continues to work as a rapper, he may be able to achieve more success in the future.