Perry Stone Net Worth

Perry stone net worth is an American Bishop, Evangelist and a famous Author who is the pastor of one of America’s fastest-growing churches called Voice of Evangelism and has written over forty highly-sold books. He has also been a popular speaker at many camp meetings and conferences across the globe. In addition, he has published hundreds of audio and video teaching albums. In addition to this, he hosts the Manna-Fest television series which is shown both nationally and internationally.

He has a good understanding of Bible prophecy and teaches that divine physical healing is normative for Christians. He also preaches that daily communion with God is essential for spiritual growth. His followers believe in his messages and have a deep faith in him. This has helped him gain popularity among his followers and has added to his net worth.

The main source of perry stone’s income is from his church salary and his books. He has also earned a significant amount from YouTube. His videos are very popular and he has more than six hundred thousand subscribers. This means that he earns around eighty six thousand dollars every year from the platform.

In addition to his ministry, he has also established various charities that help people. He has even planted a large olive grove which is used to produce special anointing oil. The money from this is then used to help the poor. In addition, he has also set up an organization which helps to preserve the environment. He is an ordained minister who holds the rank of bishop with the church of God. He has received three honorary degrees from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

During his career, he has conducted several record-breaking revivals, some of which lasted up to eleven weeks. He has also been invited to speak at camp meetings and conferences, which have attracted impressive attendances of about 4000-5000 people.

He is also an acclaimed speaker on topics such as Bible prophecy and end-time events. His ministry is based in Cleveland, Tennessee, and is composed of a number of organizations including the Omega Center International Conference Center, Ramp Church, and International School of the Word.

Stone’s success has also been fueled by his devotion to the Lord. He is a practicing Seventh-day Adventist and has served in the military. He has also worked as a chaplain for several prisons and hospitals.

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In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports, reading, and spending time with family and friends. He has been married to Pamela Stone since 1982 and they have two kids together. They are a happy couple and share a strong bond with each other. He has a great sense of humor and is often seen laughing out loud during his sermons. He also has a unique way of explaining complex topics. He is an amazing orator and has a powerful message for everyone who listens to him. He has a huge following and is loved by all.