Peter Dobias Net Worth

Aside from being a stand up comic, actor and comedian, Peter Dobias has a number of other hats to his name. His main gig is a bank executive at Madison Mortgage. He has been employed at the company for twelve years. However, he is also a published author and investor in the likes of Apple, Cisco, and Intel. Nevertheless, it is not a surprising fact that he has a net worth of around one million dollars. But, he is not alone in this regard.

Despite being the head of a household, Peter and his wife Heather McDonald maintain an acridly tight lid on their personal lives. As a matter of fact, their marriage has spanned twenty-two years. Throughout this time, they have welcomed three kids into the family. These are their two boys, Drake and Brandon, and a daughter, Mackenzie. They also live in Woodland Hills, California. This is the location of their parent’s home, and they reportedly bought the house next door to theirs as well. While they may not be as flamboyant as their famous parents, they seem to be just as happy as a family can be.

To say that Peter and Heather have a good time together would be an understatement. The couple has certainly spent plenty of quality time together. During their many adventures, they have visited various destinations, ranging from the far flung to the mundane. For example, they even managed to take a trip to Las Vegas. Nevertheless, there have been a few rough patches throughout the couple’s time together. One notable incident occurred in February of 2022, when a skull fracture ended up putting a dent in their otherwise healthy psyches. Fortunately, they have the luxury of living in a town with a good medical system.

While there is no official data stating how much Peter Dobias’ net worth is, it is likely in the neighborhood of one million dollars. In addition, he has been on the job at Madison Mortgage for the better part of a decade, and is rumored to be a major contributor to the company’s success. Even though he is not the most showy individual in the company, it is no secret that he is a stud when it comes to work.