Peter Ianello Jr. – The Sexiest Man in Town

A slew of rumblings about a newcomer on the block named Peter Ianello have piqued our interest. The alleged perpetrator is a former high ranking Genovese operative who, at the time of his arrest, was a mere footnote to the crime family’s ostensible powerhouse boss Luciano. As far as we know, he was incarcerated in the mid-1990s, though it’s not clear whether he’s been sentenced to a maximum term or served a lesser amount of time.

The arrest was triggered by a failed traffic stop at the requisite intersection of State Road 44 and East Keller Court in the Citrus Hills neighborhood. According to police, the aforementioned vehicle was a burgundy and black pickup truck. When the cops finally arrived, Ianello was seated in the driver’s seat. After a brief flurry of hand gestures, one deputy tried to break the rear window. Another shouted to him to get out of the car. The driver, however, was less than amenable. One of the cops eventually decided to call it a day. In a nod to Ianello’s luck, he was handed a $3,000 bond and sentenced to two years of probation.

Unlikely, Peter Ianello resides in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. He lives with his wife, Ann C., and their three children. They also maintain a residence in Daytona Beach, Florida. Known to be a hard worker, he is also a proud member of Local 731. Among his many accolades is a co-founded venture with Jim Dugan: OCA Ventures, a Chicago-based venture capital firm. Founded in 2001, it’s still in business today, though he’s not the only benefactor.

Although he was a minor, Peter Ianello has made a splash with his wits and a hefty stipend. The sexiest man in town is not exactly a slacker. His recent arrest has him on alert. It’s unclear if he will ever make a decent living again.