Peter Miles Net Worth

Peter Miles is an automobile enthusiast and a designer. He is also a musician and a driver instructor. His net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million to $5 million. He has a collection of rare cars and antique vehicles valued at around 80 million dollars.

In September 2019, Miles was photographed in a 1966 Ford GT40 he had inherited from his father. The photograph was published in a photobook of his father. When Ken Miles died, Peter Miles was present. However, it is not clear whether the two are romantically involved or not.

Miles has a daughter named Jaime Moore. She is married to Jeff Moore. Earlier, she worked as a pre-school teacher. However, she left her job and moved to East Devon in 2010 where she settled in Holne Bridge Studios. Many of Miles’ recordings were made here.

As a designer, Peter Miles has collaborated with Barnes and Troutman. The pair worked together on a photobook of his father. After his father’s death, he continued to maintain his interest in motorsports.

Although he didn’t become a professional racer, he continued to impress viewers with his motor skills. Peter has exhibited his talents at car shows in California. A major influencer in the automotive industry in the state, he is considered to be a shrewd and savvy manager of limited release vehicles.

After he started working with Troutman and Barnes, he became the crew chief of off-road racing legend Ivan Stewart. While working for the team, he developed his skills as a mechanic. It was during his time there that he helped create 427 Cobra replicas.

After his tenure at the company, Miles joined Precision Performance Inc. where he worked for fourteen years. Before that, he was working as a mechanic at Dick Troutman’s custom vehicle shop in Culver City.

On August 3, 2002, Peter Miles died of cancer in Los Angeles. He was survived by his mother and siblings. Besides being a great motor enthusiast, Miles also served as a driver’s instructor for Christian Bale. With the film’s release in 2019, he was able to gain more exposure.

Despite his relatively young age, he has a large collection of vintage and rare cars. This includes cars from the 1930s and 1940s, which are valued at around $80 million. Also, he has a multibillion-dollar collection of classical vehicles.

In addition to his work, Miles has been known for his courtesy and respect on the track. For example, during a Le Mans race in 1965, Miles shared a Ford GT Mk II with Bruce McLaren. During the same race, Enzo Ferrari didn’t attend, but Miles was able to win the race and received a tip-off from the legendary Italian automobile manufacturer.

Peter Miles has been active in the automotive business for almost 40 years. He has also worked behind the scenes for a number of racing legends. Currently, he serves as an executive administrator of billionaire Chip Connor’s massive vintage car collection.