Petnostics Net Worth 2021

Petnostics is an at-home urine test product that allows pet parents to keep track of their pets’ health. Its products include urine cups and a mobile app that analyzes the results. In addition, the company is working with a litter manufacturer on a pilot project.

The Petnostics system is made up of a special cup and a test strip that are built into the lid. When a dog’s urine is placed in the cup, it will trigger the test strip to change colors depending on the condition of the animal. This is a great way to keep tabs on the health of your furry friend, and could save you money on vet bills in the long run.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and it provides a variety of pet health products. For instance, the company offers a urine test kit that includes seven different analysis tests, as well as crystals, blood cells, white blood cells and mucus. You can also purchase a “hydrophobic” cat litter, which is designed to make collecting a sample easy.

Petnostics was first introduced on Shark Tank America in April 2016. The company, founded by Stephen Chen, pitched his patented technology in the form of a cup that holds your pet’s urine and detects its status with a mobile app. The cup’s lid, which uses the same chemical strips that vets use, is designed to indicate if there are any emerging problems with your pet’s health.

On the Shark Tank show, Stephen Chen asked for a $300,000 investment for a 10 percent stake in the startup. He was offered $300,000 by both Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary. However, neither was particularly impressed with the proof of concept.

At the time of the pitch, the company had a net worth of around $3 million. Although it didn’t win the grand prize, it did score valuable exposure. After the episode aired, the company raised $15,475,56 on Kickstarter, as well as a number of smaller donations. They were also successfully funded through IndieGoGo, and fulfilled their orders by July 20 of 2021.

Petnostics was a worthy winner of the Shark Tank’s big three, but did the competition offer a better deal? The app’s gimmicks were a real-time health assessment, a way to monitor the health of your pet, and a test that shows you the most important information about your pet.

However, it seems that the real prize was the Petnostics cup and a mobile app that analyzes the data. Specifically, the app is a replica of a urinalysis analyzer that you can use at home.

According to the Petnostics website, its urine test cups can be used for dogs, cats, and even humans. It is easy to use, and requires a small sample of your pet’s urine. While the app may seem more expensive, it is a lot cheaper than buying an expensive urine analyzer.

Since the Shark Tank show, the company has continued to grow and expand its product line, including a hydrophobic cat litter and at-home urine test kits. Though the company has yet to win another shark tank, it has already helped many pet parents keep their furry family members healthy.