Philip Anselmo Net Worth

If you are a fan of heavy metal music, then you probably know the name Philip Anselmo. He is a well-known musician and has a net worth of millions of dollars. Throughout his career, he has worked with a number of bands. However, he is best known as the frontman of the band Pantera. This band has a history of releasing several studio albums, making millions of sales.

Before joining the band Pantera, Phil Anselmo was part of the musical group Razor White. In the mid-1980s, he also worked with the bands Superjoint Ritual and Down. The latter band’s album Far Beyond Driven debuted on the Billboard 200 charts.

After leaving the Pantera band, Philip Anselmo released a solo album. His ninth collection titled Reinventing the Steel was released in 2000. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Since then, he has become one of the most successful and well-recognized public figures.

He was born on June 30, 1968, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. He is of Italian, Danish and French ancestry. At the time of his birth, his parents were not rich. Nevertheless, his father owned a restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana.

Although Phil Anselmo has not had children, he has several pets. There are dogs, cats and chickens in his home. Moreover, he loves to watch horror films.

Currently, he is in a relationship with Kate Richardson. Together they live in a house in Louisiana. During his teenage years, he used to work on a fishing boat. Afterwards, his family moved to another city for his higher education.

Anselmo has been in the music industry since the 1980s. Several records with Pantera and Superjoint Ritual have helped him earn millions of dollars. However, he has a background that includes drug and alcohol abuse. One of his early convictions was for assaulting a security guard. As a result, he was ordered to spend 100 hours of community service.

Philip Anselmo has a lot of money, but he prefers to lead a modest life. While he was a child, he was more of a clown. Fortunately, he has been able to overcome all his challenges and reached his current status. Today, his net worth is estimated at $4 million. Some of his income comes from touring and merchandise sales. Other sources of his income include his record label Housecore Records.

Anselmo has multiple degrees from various fields. His college courses allowed him to gain a lot of experience in the working field.

He has been featured in many awards. He is considered to be one of the top front men in the metal world. Besides, he has gained global recognition. Most fans admire his on-stage antics. Many fans of Pantera love to see him in action.

In the late 1990s, he was addicted to hard drugs, and he had to undergo back surgery. Afterwards, he stopped using drugs and has continued his music career. During the last two decades, he has been in a relationship with Stephanie Opal Weinstein, but they were divorced in 2004.