Pierogi – Scammer Payback Net Worth

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a stay at home mom, you’re sure to have heard of Pierogi, or Scammer Payback as he’s also known. He’s a YouTube star with over a million subscribers and has been called the Robin Hood of the Internet. His channel is an educational resource for users, highlighting the most popular scams in the world and educating users about their pitfalls.

Pierogi is an American YouTuber who has been in the gaming community for years. However, it was his contributions to the world of cyber security and “scam-baiting” that helped him earn the moniker of Scammer Payback. Some of his notable achievements include exposing and battling scams in the Roku, Amazon and Microsoft universes. Currently, he is operating an anti-scam call center in Columbus, Ohio. Aside from his main job, he’s also the founder of the Scammer Payback Live channel. This is the YouTube channel to watch for all things related to cyber security, sex and other hot topics of interest to a generation of tech savvy kids.

Pierogi is most well known for his YouTube channel, but he has dabbled in other mediums. In addition to his YouTube content, he has an active Twitch channel where he averages between nine and ten thousand viewers per stream. One of his most impressive feats was creating a top-notch video that surpassed 17 million views, making it one of the most viewed videos on the channel. While he may not have a corresponding net worth, he’s got a cult following and plenty of fans on Instagram. Known for his humor and wit, he’s also a good mate and a good source of sage advice.

As of 2019, Scammer Payback has a tally of over a million subscribers on YouTube, and a few million more on social media platforms like Twitter. Not only does he run an anti-scam call center, he has also found time to slam the scams on his personal Twitter account. Although there’s not much information on his personal life, he is married to a beautiful wife. On the business front, he’s got a thriving online retail store and merchandisable items for sale. It’s estimated that his net worth is in the aforementioned $400K to $800K range. The most popular of the content is his gaming series, which is a mix of original games and repackaged content from other players in the market.

Pierogi is also an expert on the internet, having created several other YouTube channels and blogs on various aspects of the internet. As a security professional, he’s a big believer in the power of encryption and has managed to keep his online presence safe from hackers and spammers.