Pierre F Lapeyre, Jr Net Worth

The latest iteration of the Lapeyre dynasty is on its way to success and one of the best names in the business. Managing partner Pierre F. Lapeyre, Jr. has a net worth of $800 million and is worth every penny of it. His impressive credentials include co-founding Riverstone Holdings LLC in the early aughts and managing a portfolio of oil, gas and energy assets that are worth a good bit of your 401(k). Other notable accomplishments include co-founding Magellan Midstream Partners LP in the early aughts and serving as its general partner. Previously, he was a Managing Director at The Carlyle Group, which boasts a net worth of over a thousand billion dollars. He is a well rounded executive with a hefty dose of chutzpah and an eye for a deal. Besides being a public company investor, Lapeyre is a true renaissance man when it comes to his family’s well being.

In his spare time, Lapeyre likes to tinker with his car, play with his dogs, or watch his favorite sports team (The Washington Redskins). When he isn’t busy debating politics, he is usually reading up on the latest in energy and power technology. One of the most exciting challenges of his current gig is finding new and emerging technologies to pursue in the name of investment capital.