Pinblock – Vladislav Smolyanskyy Net Worth

Pinblock is a building block toy invented by Vladislav Smolyansky. Originally, it was a one-size-fits-all construction set, but its unique design and versatility made it much more fun to play with. The pieces can be bent to fit into different positions, and they come in many colors. They are made to be easy to manipulate, so they are perfect for educational toy play.

In February 2015, Vladislav launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $18,573 to build his business. He then worked with his childhood friend, ShiJun, to create the product. At the time, the product was available on and Pinblock’s website. It is sold in various packs, with varying themes.

In January 2017, Pinblock appeared on Shark Tank. Kevin O’Leary invested $100,000 in the company. He offered a 50% equity share to Vladislav. After much consideration, Vlad accepted the offer.

Kevin O’Leary wanted to license the product to a large manufacturer, and then have it distributed globally. Vladimir didn’t want to do that. He believed that licensing was very difficult. However, Kevin offered to do a deal with a major toy manufacturer, so that he could get the company’s name out there.

Before the Shark Tank appearance, the website had only been up for a year. Most of the products were out of stock. There were also a few social media profiles that hadn’t been updated in years. Nevertheless, the company has become profitable, with total net income of $2 million up to 2021.

Besides the toy industry, Vlad is also involved in legal matters. He serves as a lead developer for the company, and he has created a lot of tutorials for the toys.

When the company appears on Shark Tank, they plan on becoming an executive board member, and they want to inspire other entrepreneurs in the world to think outside the box. Aside from the business aspects of the product, they also have a passion for instilling creativity in kids. This is why the company wants to give children the ability to express themselves through their toy creations.

When Kevin O’Leary proposed the deal, he said that he would make a venture investment of $100,000, and then offer a 50% ownership share to Smolyanskyy. His offer was contingent on a partnership with a major toy manufacturer, and was ultimately rejected by Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. But he did complement the offer from Kevin.

Ultimately, Vladislav chose to take the offer, and gave up his other option. If he didn’t take the deal, he would have had to sell his own company, and he didn’t feel right about that. As a result, he decided to continue on as an entrepreneur.

Vladislav Smolyansky is a Ukrainian emigrant who immigrated to Brooklyn, NY. He has an unknown girlfriend. Despite the fact that he is passionate about his entrepreneurial career, he is also motivated by his early death of his father and his desire to please his widowed mother.