Pink Picasso Net Worth

Pink Picasso was founded by married couple Ashley and Brittany Silfies. They started their paint by numbers kit business in their home apartment. The kits are available on Amazon, and are sold in more than 2,000 art supply stores nationwide. Their sales are growing and they expect to see an annual gross revenue of $5 million by 2020.

Pink Picasso consists of a kit that is composed of 16 by 20 inch canvas, a paint bottle, and a set of four brushes. Each package includes a painted picture photo with a colour key. Users paint a design that corresponds to the number on the photo. The package also includes a small paint pot filled with water-based acrylic paint.

Pink Picasso is a popular painting kit that is based in Birmingham, Alabama. It is available on Amazon, and ships around the world. There are more than 25 products from Pink Picasso. In the year to date, the company has generated $1.4 million in sales.

The company has been featured in media publications. It is on Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things list. And it was on the Today Show in April 2022. Additionally, it has a 4.3 rating on Amazon.

In the future, the company plans to expand its offerings to include more categories. According to the couple, they are expecting to have a 25% growth in their sales by the end of 2022. As for the company’s net worth, it is estimated to be 3 million dollars as of 2022.

When the couple first started, they did everything themselves. This included selling the kits at wholesale markets. They spent $1500 on the initial product. They then launched it in Atlanta. It always sold out at these markets. However, the couple had to deal with marital complications. Fortunately, their children were able to help them get through these difficulties.

In the end, the couple decided to enter the Shark Tank. Lori Greiner and Daniel Lubetzky offered to invest $400k in the company. They said they would help the company gain acceptance in big-box retailers. They were convinced that Pink Picasso had the potential to be a big success.

The deal was finalized in December. As part of the deal, the couple received a 15% equity stake in the company, plus a royalty of $6 per kit sold. They also got a percentage of the distribution.

The couple also disclosed a few secrets to their success. They have three kids. One was born with Down Syndrome, and they had a tough time raising him. Brittany has a background in lab technology. She and Ashley had been best friends before they were married.

The couple’s journey was bumpy at first, but they eventually managed to get their dream of having a successful paint by numbers kit business off the ground. Both of their husbands are also involved. Several years ago, they were both struggling to support their families.

Their paint by numbers kit is now a favorite of Oprah. In fact, the company was named one of her “Favorites Things” in her annual list last year.