Pranko Net Worth 2022

Pranko is a product that has been around for a few years now. The company has been in the business of making prank gift boxes and they have been very successful. As of November 2021, the company is projected to have revenues of six million dollars. However, they have never really closed a deal with the sharks. It seems as though the company is a bit too small to take the big bucks.

They have been selling these prank boxes through their official website and retail outlets. There are also Facebook and Twitter pages where fans can follow them. While they have a nice amount of followers, they do not have a large net worth.

Pranko was launched by a couple of guys named Arik Nordby and Ryan Walther. Their early work with satirical website The Onion led them to join forces with one another. In 2013, they launched a prank gift box and soon after sold them through e-commerce. After a few years, they had sales of about $10 million. But, they incurred significant losses.

Mark Cuban was interested in making an offer. He was willing to invest $640,000 for a 25% stake in the company. He would also help the company with its digital platform. However, Arik and Ryan were reluctant to accept the offer.

Roman Atwood is best known for his prank videos. His Plastic Ball Prank video had over ninety-six million views and his Good Mythical Morning video had more than seven hundred and fifty million. Although his channel no longer exists, his Vlogs channel has more than five and a half million subscribers.

When they first appeared on Shark Tank, Pranko wanted a lot of money for their company. According to the company, their product had a great potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue every year. But they were not sure if they had the capital to get started.

During the episode, they were asked if they had an interesting pitch. They made an attempt to come up with the perfect prank. But, their pitch was more of a gimmick than a genuine idea. They explained their pranks by using empty gift boxes and cheesy images.

One of the more interesting ideas that they patented was the Diamond Play Button. This was a button that was attached to a video to indicate that it had a diamond embedded in it. Apparently, this was not a legitimate way to measure the value of the diamond, but the video was still a fun prank.

Another fun prank was a fake ATM. When a bystander saw an ATM loaded with fake money, he called the police. Of course, they did not have a real cash machine at the time. So, they pretended to steal it and put fake money in it.

Pranko was not the only prank company on the show. There was also a guy named Steve Deleonardis, who had a funny prank. Known for his Taking a Virgin to the Club prank, he joined a prank group called NELK in 2020.