Precious Cooper Net Worth

Precious Cooper is an American street racer. She is also the star of Discovery’s Street Outlaws: Memphis. The reality television show helped Cooper earn a considerable amount of money.

Cooper started her career as a racer when she was 19 years old. She was born in Osceola, Florida. When she was a child, her family was struggling to support them, and that inspired her to become a racer. Since she was young, she was fascinated by cars. In addition to being a racer, she also enjoys singing and playing guitar. During her childhood, she spent time with her younger sister Chelsea Cooper.

Precious Cooper has not disclosed her personal life, but her net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million. Her net worth is mainly derived from her career as a professional street racer. Although she has been involved in the entertainment industry for a long time, she does not have a very public profile. As a result, she has not revealed her age or her marital status. Despite this, she does have fans who follow her online.

Cooper has two cars, a lowrider named Heifer, and a Puddle Jumper. She also owns a home in Batesville, Arkansas. It is believed that Precious has a salary of around $16,000 per year.

Before her appearance in the reality series, she was a part of the racing team of JJ Da Boss. She was also known as “The Queen of the Streets.” Sadly, she has not yet been married. However, there is no evidence of any rumors about her romantic relationships.

After winning her first race, Precious became famous. She received the nickname of “Queen of the Streets,” which boosted her popularity. At the same time, she was rumored to be dating JJ Da Boss. However, JJ Da Boss has a wife and children, and they are happy together.

Though it is unknown how much Precious Cooper actually makes, it is estimated that she has a net worth of at least $500,000. This is mainly because of her success as a street racer. Also, her presence in the reality series has increased her exposure and fan base. There are several websites that have provided a complete biography of her. Among other things, she has a strong religious faith.

Although she is not a big social media user, she does use the Facebook platform to interact with her fans. Most of her posts on the Facebook account relate to her appearances on the reality series. Additionally, she shares pictures of herself with her sister. Besides this, she likes to post photos of her cars with fellow racers.

As of now, Precious Cooper has a Facebook fan page, where she is followed by over 20,000 people. She has a number of followers who are very loyal. Some of her fans share their opinions and comments about her on the page. Other fans also share photos of her running and her cars.