PreMadonna Net Worth

PreMadonna is a successful business executive, rapper, and fashion designer. She was born on April 10, 1987, in Miami, Florida. Her full name is Nakeitha Felder. Her parents are unknown. She was raised in Overtown. She attended the South Miami Magnet School of the Arts.

Aside from her work as a rapper and businesswoman, she is also a singer. She has released several albums and singles. In the past, she has been arrested for assault with a weapon and small furtos. Although she prefers to keep her personal life private, she has a large social media following. She runs an Instagram account @premadonna87.

PreMadonna’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. She is married to longtime boyfriend Buck Thomas. They have three children. PreMadonna is also the founder of Waist Gang Society, a line of waist trainers. The company has been endorsed by famous personalities such as Kim Kardashian. However, the organization was recently sued for misleading advertisements.

PreMadonna has been married to husband Buck for about three and a half years. She and Buck shared wedding photos on their social media accounts. Their relationship is a private matter, however, and they have yet to confirm whether they are romantically involved.

PreMadonna’s income comes from her career as a singer and songwriter. Her products, which are endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, have been well-received. Several of her songs have been ranked on the iTunes charts. When she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she was paid a salary as a main cast member.

PreMadonna has a large Instagram following. She has 833k followers. She shares several pictures of herself with her family and friends. One of her friends is Jessica Dime. Another one is Rotimi. As for her hairstyle, PreMadonna has a black shoe size. She is also said to have dyed her blonde hair.

The 32-year-old PreMadonna is considered as a self-made millionaire. She was born and raised in Miami. She graduated from the South Miami Magnet School of the Arts. She has published a book and has expressed her interest in getting back into the music scene.

After being a part of the Love & Hip Hop franchise, PreMadonna is no longer a cast member. She also has no connection to the season reunion special. But, she still is in a cloud of happiness because of her recent pregnancy. Hopefully, she will have her baby soon.

While she was in a marriage, PreMadonna was arrested several times. In 2006, she was accused of misleading customers. And in 2007, she was arrested for assault with a weapon. Despite these incidents, she remains to be a very successful businesswoman.

PreMadonna is a self-made millionaire and a talented performer. Whether she wants to make a comeback to the music scene or not, she has a wealth of ideas to get her started. There is no doubt that PreMadonna is a role model for the upcoming generation.