Randall Parker ESSO – Net Worth

The name of the guy who can make a good tiniest budget budget bowling alley may be a little hazy to say the least. On the surface, Randall Parker’s forays are less than shady. He’s also a bit more uptight in public than you’d expect for someone who claims to be a jack of all trades. Despite his pragmatism, he does show up at the right time for the right events, a feat that might be unheard of in some circles. Not to mention his marriage to wife Sharon. During his brief stint at the Big Apple’s finest, he managed to carve out a small but devoted following.

Several months of non-stop action eventually wore down Randall’s legs, but his persistence paid off in the form of a solid performance and a surprisingly high score. Having had a sleeve in the locker, he was able to take the floor on a regular basis, a feat that was all but impossible at the beginning of the season.