Rapper, Writer, and Actor, SMILEZ

It’s no secret that the SMILEZ is an alumnus of the Los Angeles area’s premier music scene. Aside from his own merch collection, he has toured with the likes of Lil Pump, Trippie Redd, and Juice WRLD. His most recent album, The Reel, is expected to sell well. This is a testament to his innate ability to write good lyrics and hit the stage. He is no doubt one of the best rappers in the business.

One of his more notable achievements was his work with the mighty Yeezy. In fact, most of his earnings came from a pair of sneakers. In addition to his illustrious collaboration with the aforementioned superstar, SMILEZ starred in several high profile music videos, including “Sunday Afternoon” with rap aficionado Playboi Carti, among others. Some of his more noteworthy tracks include the aptly named “Telescope” and the ubiquitous “Land of the dead”.

SMILEZ also made it to the big screen, courtesy of Hollywood, in the form of a cameo in the blockbuster hit, Assassins Creed Syndicate. Previously known as Jack Bruno, he is now signed to Create Music Group, the label of the hip hop mogul himself, Tekashi 6ix9ine. Having recently made the move to a more expensive mansion, SMILEZ’s financial security has improved significantly. For the uninitiated, SMILEZ’s net worth stands at approximately $400,000. Not bad, for an artist with a storied past and a bum-raking career. With the money he’s made in the rap game, SMILEZ can now afford to take his lyrical talents to the next level. Despite a long and illustrious career, SMILEZ is not yet a household name.

Having a large fan base and a large fancier means that he can splurge on anything and everything. Among his most prized possessions, the aforementioned ‘Land of the dead’ is a must-see. Other than his music, SMILEZ is best known for his sultry style and dashing persona. When it comes to sex, he is as hot as his music. Despite his sexy demeanor, he is a gentleman at heart. SMILEZ has a wife and kids. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he is slated for a major label debut in the near future. Until then, he will be making sporadic appearances at local bars and clubs in the Los Angeles area. Besides, SMILEZ is a multi-instrumentalist. As a musician, he plays drums, guitar, and bass. Unlike most mainstream rappers, he does not rely on autotune for most of his rhymes, ensuring that the quality of his work remains tops.