Ravil Maganov Net Worth – Who is This Russian Oil Tycoon?

Ravil Ulfatovich Maganov was a Russian oil tycoon, who was known for his ability to establish a successful business. He became one of the most prominent corporate leaders in Russia, and has received several national awards. During his time at Lukoil, he was also appointed chairman of the board. In 2019, President Vladimir Putin awarded Maganov with a lifetime achievement medal.

A tycoon in the oil industry, Ravil Maganov worked in the PJSC Lukoil oil company for more than twenty years. He was the deputy general director of the organization and a top executive. Before he was appointed the company’s chairman, he was responsible for the development of the organization’s upstream operations.

He started his career with Lukoil in 1993, and served as the company’s first vice president until 2006. Then, he was appointed as the first executive in the oil production department. Since then, he has been in charge of the organization’s ambitious business. According to the company, Maganov’s work was “an integral part of the company’s growth and development”, resulting in his “commitment, energy, and dedication” as well as his “outstanding skills and achievements”.

Ravil Maganov was born in the Soviet Union’s Tatar ASSR, and studied in Moscow State University of Oil and Gas. He graduated in 1977. His father was a senior engineer of the Almetyevsk field. Upon his graduation, he began working as an oil operator. Eventually, he became the chief engineer of the PO Langepasneftegaz, one of the firms that established Lukoil.

In addition to his work with Lukoil, he also worked as the head of the production association Langepasneftegaz. Afterwards, he was promoted to the position of chairman of the board, where he served until he passed away. When he died, the company issued an official statement confirming his death.

Although Ravil Maganov is one of the tycoons that died suddenly, his family is still keeping his private life a secret. There are no details available on the internet about his wife or children. However, he has a brother named Nail Maganov.

Despite his status as an influential oil tycoon, Ravil Maganov was also known to be a great critic of President Vladimir Putin. He was often quoted as expressing his dissatisfaction with the Russian president’s decision to annex Crimea. As a result, his spouse’s concerns have been raised.

Ravil Maganov passed away on September 1st, 2022. He had fallen from the sixth floor of the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital. It is unclear how he died, but he is known to have suffered from heart problems. Many people have expressed their condolences through social networking sites. While many may be unaware of his tragic passing, his death has created an outpouring of sympathy among friends and relatives.

Ravil Maganov is believed to have been on antidepressants at the time of his death. There is no evidence that he took his own life, but he did not disclose his net worth to the media. If he had, his estimated value would have been more than $500 million USD.