Ray Collins Net Worth

The Australian photographer, Ray Collins, has made his name known for his underwater photography. This is one of the many ways that he has tapped into a market that is booming for photographers. His photographs have been featured in National Geographic and other publications. In addition, his images of oceans have earned him international awards.

Collins was born on December 10, 1889, in Sacramento, California. He was the son of William and Lillie Bidwell Collins. From an early age, he worked in the theatre and cinema. Later, he became an actor. Throughout his career, he appeared in a variety of films and television shows. One of his best-known roles was the part of Arthur Tragg in the show Perry Mason. Although he was unable to perform in most episodes during the final years of the show, he made his mark.

As a young actor, Collins worked in vaudeville and stock theater. After a successful stage career, he worked in radio, and later in television. When he moved to Vancouver, he joined the Vancouver’s Popular Players. These performers enacted plays at the original Orpheum Theatre.

Collins’s earliest film appearance was in Citizen Kane, and he continued to work on the radio, including his role in the radio adaptation of the musical The Shadow. During the war, Collins continued his radio work, appearing on several radio programs hosted by Welles.

He was also involved with the Mercury Theatre, a performance arts organization founded by Welles. While he was working with the group, Collins was named “finest actor” by Welles. They performed together in the Broadway production of Native Son (1941), which was broadcast on radio. Their work with the Mercury Theatre led to their becoming regular cast members on the Mercury Theatre on the Air program.

Collins’s other achievements include his role as Squire Livesey in “Treasure Island”. Afterwards, he acted in numerous literary adaptations. Among them, he played Mr. Pickwick in an adaptation of “The Pickwick Papers” and Dr. Watson in “Sherlock Holmes.”

Throughout his life, he also partnered with charities, and made a name for himself as a photographer. His photos of the Pacific Ocean have been exhibited all over the world. Whether it is the waves on the shores of Tahiti or the seascapes of Europe, Collins is a master at capturing the essence of nature.

His net worth is estimated at between $1M and $5M. The Australian Photographer is also an ambassador for Patagonia and Nikon. He has also partnered with major companies in various sectors, such as DaFin and Epson Australia. Despite the success of his photography, Collins has remained a private person, keeping his personal and family life a secret.

Collins has also been featured in a documentary called Fishpeople, which focused on his life as a photographer. His social media accounts have also made him a celebrity. For example, his Instagram account has garnered over 190,000 followers. It is believed that he smokes cigarettes, but no confirmed information exists.