Ray Milland Net Worth

Ray Milland is a Welsh Actor. He was born on January 3, 1907 in Neath, Glamorgan, Wales. His father was David Milland, an actor. The family moved to Fountain Avenue, New York.

At the age of 17, Ray was discovered by a Hollywood producer. It was a bit part, but the director Norman Taurog suggested he should be cast in a leading role.

In 1929, Ray McGuire met Estelle Brody at a party. The two were soon on a film set together. They were later hired to appear as extras in various British films. After they appeared in The Flying Scotsman, they decided to pursue acting as a profession.

In 1932, Ray married Muriel Frances Weber. The couple had a son named Daniel. However, the actor committed suicide in 1981. Several years later, the family adopted a daughter.

Before Ray Milland became a successful actor, he was a talented boxer and fencer. He also served in the Household Cavalry of the British Army. Some of his most memorable roles include ‘The Thief’ and ‘The Lost Weekend’.

His son Daniel was an actor and died in apparent suicide at the age of 41. After leaving Paramount, Miller went on to work for MGM and then to Hollywood in the television industry. During his career, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for ‘The Thief’, and he won an Oscar for ‘The Lost Weekend’.

A veteran of World War II, Milland served as a radioman and a captain in the Intelligence Corps. He made guest appearances on ABC’s Hart to Hart and Battlestar Galactica, and hosted rebroadcasts of Death Valley Days.

Ray Milland was the first Welsh actor to win an Academy Award for best actor. He was nominated for the award in 1946 and won. When the awards ceremony was over, he gave the shortest acceptance speech of any actor ever.

Ray Milland’s net worth has been estimated at $3 million. This figure is based on several online sources. He is survived by his daughter and granddaughters. You can find more information about him on his official website.

Although his professional life was devoted to acting, Milland had a difficult relationship with his father-in-law. He had a strong Republican Party leaning. He tried to enlist in the United States Army Air Forces during the Second World War, but he was rejected.

Milland also toured the South Pacific with the United Service Organisation. He was a skilled horseman, and had a passion for fishing. As a member of the company’s rifle team, he was a great shot.

Throughout his career, Milland starred in four John Farrow pictures, including California and Alias Nick Beal. He was nominated for a second Golden Globe for ‘The Thief’. Other famous movies he has starred in include We’re Not Dressing, Irene, Everything Happens at Night and Beau Geste.

His final film role was a cult classic. He played a racist brain surgeon who carries out a transplant on a prisoner with a terminal illness.