Reviver Clothing Swipes Net Worth 2021

Reviver Clothing Swipes are a refreshing wipe that removes odors from clothes and hair. These odor removing wipes are sold on Amazon, Walgreens, and Petco. They are a product that you can reuse about ten times. The company also makes other products, including shoe wipes and pet odor wipes.

Reviver Clothing Swipes was a hit on Shark Tank, and there’s a good chance the two brothers who started it will appear on Episode 606 on Friday. The Kusins are hoping to revive the popular show with their product. But they need some help to get there.

First, they will need to get some cash to make their product. This could come in the form of a big business deal with a shark. As the business is a family effort, the Kusins will need to find some retail partners to carry their product. That is probably the smartest route to take. After all, this could be the beginning of many sales opportunities down the road.

In addition to a potential deal with a shark, Ben and Eric Kusin are also looking to re-brand their business. Their first big move was to make Reviver Clothing Swipes available to the general public. When Ben was a student at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, he came up with the idea for a new product called Reviver. It’s an odor-eliminating wipe that fits over your fingers.

There’s a lot of competition in this space, with companies like Profitap, Appmethod, and Zabbix competing for your money. The Reviver Clothing Swipes team believes they have a product that stands above the rest. Currently, they are expecting their sales to reach $4 million in the next year. And their net worth is expected to be at least $5 million by 2021.

While the Reviver brand may not have a fancy name, they do have an award-winning product. To top it off, they have a patent pending for the technology that powers their odor-eliminating product. So, while it might not have the flashiest gimmick, Reviver Clothing Swipes is the product to have.

Aside from their invention, the most important part of the Reviver Clothing Swipes story is the support they receive from their father. Gary Kusin has invested in the company for four years. During that time, the firm grew from a startup to a thriving business. Now, the Kusins have branched out into other businesses, such as TreeHouse home renovation and raw fish. Meanwhile, Reviver is still in business, with the company bringing in more than $500K in revenue during the past year.

Although the Reviver Clothing Swipes may not be the biggest winner on Shark Tank, they’ve certainly won over the hearts and minds of the audience. Whether the Kusins will be able to score their big fish is a mystery, but one thing is certain: they will be putting their money where their mouth is and bringing the smell of freshness to the masses.