Rich Rebuilds Net Worth

If you are a car aficionado, you have no doubt come across Rich Rebuilds of Salem, Massachusetts. This eponymous YouTuber has over one million subscribers and counting. He has made a splash in the car restoration biz with his YouTube channel Electrified Garage. It isn’t too surprising that he has a knack for the cool stuff and has built up a pretty decent sized clientele for himself. As of the writing of this review, Rich has a net worth of about a quarter of a million dollars. A cursory look at his social media pages reveal that he hasn’t been married or divorced. In fact, he’s a total car geek at heart and has been known to go on road trips a few times a month. Luckily for him, he’s got a nice set of wheels in the form of the Tesla Model S, a high performance sedan that looks every bit as good as it sounds.

There’s no denying that the model s name badge is one of the more expensive cars in the EV arena. However, Rich has a knack for finding and repurposing discarded and otherwise unusable Teslas into brand new high performance automobiles. For that reason, he is able to recoup his costs in spades. At the moment, Rich has two shops in Florida, one of which is dedicated to his endeavors. And, of course, there is always the internet. That said, Rich’s stout budget for equipment and supplies isn’t a walk in the park. After all, his hobby requires a considerable amount of work space and supplies. So, his business model is a tad more streamlined than your grandma’s garage. The icing on the cake is that his garage is in a prime location.

Rich’s most notable accomplishments include his YouTube channel, Ebay Motors, and the Electrified Garage. His stout responsibilities include repairing, rebuilding, and selling the vehicles of his dreams and he’s no slouch when it comes to taking a shine to the newest and shiniest wares on the EV scene.