RichBoyTroy Net Worth

RichBoyTroy is a famous internet celebrity. He is a rapper, music video maker and social media influencer. Aside from rapping, he is also a vlogger. His popular YouTube channel has around 720K subscribers. Moreover, he has earned a good amount of money through various social media platforms.

Troy Moore was born on November 11, 2006. The rap star’s parents are Elizabeth and John Moore. In fact, Troy started his social media journey as a kid. However, he later began posting videos on his YouTube channel. Although he started out as a skit-maker, he has also become a singer, a rapper and a singer-songwriter. It is said that he has been working on his music career since he was twelve years old.

The American rapper is a self-taught musician. He has been credited for writing his own songs. Some of his best-known songs include “Throw Some D’s,” “Feelin’ Good,” “Moving to the City” and “Stay Put.” During his rap career, Troy has been recognized for his comedic performances. Also, he has been featured in many movies. As a teen, he has been able to earn a lot of money.

RichBoyTroy’s earnings are primarily from YouTube, which he has monetized. He also earns money from paid promoted content on social media platforms. He has a substantial fan base on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, he has established a business venture with his siblings. He is also an avid collector of diamond chains.

RichBoyTroy’s net worth is estimated to be as much as $7 million. He has a fanbase of over 700k followers on his YouTube channel and 540k followers on his Instagram. In addition, he has been able to earn money through paid promotion of his music. Lastly, he has been able to earn from Google Adsense. With these sources, RichBoyTroy is able to earn an income of up to $500 thousand by May 2022.

RichBoyTroy has been a rap artist and has been known for his self-titled debut album. After his success, he signed a contract with Interscope Records. On his debut album, he has been credited for the song “Throw Some D’s.” At the same time, the lead single has been credited for reaching number six on the Billboard 100. Furthermore, the music video for the single has been credited for receiving 1.1 million views.

RichBoyTroy has a huge following on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. He is a follower of Christianity. He enjoys singing, working out, and boxing. Besides, he loves to do comedy sketches. Moreover, he has a straight sexual preference. Since he has a family, he has been encouraged to pursue his dreams.

The American rapper is an avid supporter of the Christian religion. He has a warm underskin tone and brown glowing skin. Moreover, he has a body type that is lean and fit. When it comes to the height, Troy is about 5 feet 5 inches. Moreover, he has a weight of 143 pounds.