Riss and Quan Net Worth 2022

The couple Riss and Quan have a huge following and are making millions from their YouTube channel. They earn a huge sum of money from their social media presence and brand collaborations. Although they have not yet married, they are expecting their first child in November 2021.

Riss and Quan are a young American couple who have gained millions of followers on their YouTube channel. Their content is mostly related to prank videos. However, they also post videos on lifestyle, challenges, and relationship-oriented videos. They are known for their witty and humorous messages in their videos.

They were born in Jamaica and New York, respectively. They are 23 years old and have been together for several years. Their net worth is estimated to be between $60-800,000. This is mainly based on the money they make from their YouTube channel. But they also earn from merchandise sales, brand sponsorships, and other financial sources.

Both Riss and Quan have made smart financial decisions and have managed to earn a considerable amount. For instance, they own two expensive vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz and a Ferrari. Also, they plan to buy a house in Los Angeles in 2020. Several brands have sponsored their videos, and they are also advertising products on their social media channels.

According to Forbes, they are one of the top-earning American YouTube stars. Their videos have been viewed more than 279 million times. Currently, they earn around $700,000 per year. As the number of their subscribers increases, they are earning more money from their YouTube channel. Moreover, they have signed a contract with phone case makers CASETiFY.

The net worth of the couple is estimated to be between $600,000 and $8 million by February 2022. These amounts include their income from the videos they have uploaded on their YouTube channel and the monetary gains they have received from their social media activities.

According to a report, Riss and Quan have signed a contract with the fast-fashion retail company Fashion Nova. This agreement enables them to make a good income, especially when they get endorsements from various brands. It is also said that they have already been approached by other brands to endorse their products.

They are also active on Facebook and Instagram. The couple has a total of 2 million subscribers on YouTube, and they have created a total of 861 videos. Despite the fact that they do not have a formal relationship, they have been dating since 2012.

During their YouTube career, the couple has been able to get a lot of brand endorsements. They are currently an ambassador for lingerie brand Savage X Fenty, and they are also featured in a promotional campaign for mobile phone provider CASETiFY.

The couple’s earnings are primarily based on the ads that they get on their videos. But they have also signed contracts with several brands to endorse their products. And they may be able to earn a lot from other revenue streams.