Robbie Jade Lew Net Worth

The net worth of Robbi Jade Lew is estimated to be one million dollars. She is known to be one of the most prominent poker players in the country. Although, she has only started playing professionally in 2010, she is well on her way to becoming one of the biggest names in the business. Most of her income comes from her work in modeling and commercials. Her social media presence has helped her gain popularity. In fact, she has an Instagram account with over 195k followers.

Previously, she worked for Bayer pharmaceuticals. However, she switched to the poker industry after the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country. This outbreak was a big deal for Robbie Jade Lew. It forced her to take her game more seriously. Since then, she has made it a point to play poker more often.

When she first learned how to play poker, she had her husband teach her the basics. After a few years, she started learning more about the game. During this time, she discovered her talent for poker. Soon enough, she found herself participating in six different live WOSPs. One of these was the Hustler Casino Live tournament. During the tournament, she managed to win over $100,000.

She also got into the spotlight after her controversial confrontation with Garrett Adelstein. At the time, Adelstein accused Robbie of cheating. However, Robbie was the one who actually had the winning hand. And she won $269,000 in the process. But after the match, she was suspended from the Hustler Casino.

Despite her reputation as a great player, Robbie Jade Lew has yet to publicly reveal the details of her relationship with Garrett. However, she has shared a tweet with him. They have a mutual love for jewelry. Moreover, they frequently share pictures together.

Robbie Jade Lew is not the only daughter of her parents. She has a brother named Shawn Hussain. Their parents were originally from Asia. However, the family immigrated to Berkeley when they were five years old. Interestingly, the parents were married for forty years before getting divorced. Now, Robbie Jade Lew’s parents are supporting her career.

As of 2019, Robbie Jade Lew’s net worth is estimated to be around one million. Of course, she gets most of her money through commercials and brand endorsements. Her other sources of income include her modelling and travel videos. Nevertheless, it is likely that she will eventually become a very rich woman.

The Hustler Poker Dwell Incident happened in September 2022. After this, many people began to accuse the poker player of being a cheater. The casino decided to suspend Robbie Jade Lew. Fortunately for her, the players were later banned from the facility. Despite the controversy, she went on to win the game.

She has also been involved in some other high-profile poker competitions. One of these was the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event. Throughout her career, she has played in six WOSPs. However, she only finished in the 1,276th position.