Robert Clohessy Net Worth

Robert Clohessy is an American actor who has appeared in many popular movies and TV shows. He has earned his popularity and fortune through his acting career. He has also worked as a Film producer. Currently, he has a net worth of around $1 million.

He started his career as an actor in the early 1980s. He got his first role on a soap opera and he later worked in several television series. In 1987, he married actress Catherine Erhardt.

Robert Clohessy has appeared in a number of films and shows, including Oz, The Avengers, Blue Bloods, The Blacklist and Young Monsters. However, his most prominent roles are as Sean Murphy in the HBO prison drama Oz, and as Lieutenant Sid Gormley on Blue Bloods. He has also been a part of the HBO crime drama Boardwalk Empire for two seasons.

He has won the Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in Boardwalk Empire. Clohessy also played the role of Jack Parker in the crime film Crimson Mask. His most recent role is as Jack Healy in the 2012 film Unforgettable.

Besides his film and television work, Clohessy is an avid baseball fan. He is also vegan and follows a strict diet. He has changed his eating habits since his early days on the set of Oz. This has helped him to lose a significant amount of weight, and he has received a lot of positive feedback for his weight loss.

Despite his height, Clohessy has been able to find a variety of roles in his career. He has played the role of Mike in the Broadway Roundabout Theatre Company revival of Pal Joey. Also, he has had a supporting role on the show Tattingers. A part of Jude’s long-lost father, Clohessy has also been featured in several other movies and shows.

After his success in the theater, Clohessy moved into the television and movie industry. In 1988, he made his Broadway debut in Biloxi Blues. Since then, he has starred in many more movies and television shows.

When he started out, he was still in high school. He joined the Golden Gloves competition in Madison Square Garden. During this time, he dated an actress named Megan Gallagher. They dated for almost two years.

Robert Clohessy has also appeared in a number of telefilms and series, including Boy Meets World, All My Children, and One of the Boys. In 2010, he was cast as Lieutenant Sid Gormley in the police drama Blue Bloods. For this role, he has starred in over 150 episodes. While his salary is not known, he has been making around $10 thousand to $30 thousand per episode.

Though his success in the entertainment industry is impressive, his personal life is private. He and his wife, Catherine, have not revealed any details about their relationship. On the other hand, their Instagram accounts are filled with pictures and videos of their events.

Even though the age of Robert Clohessy is 61, he has gained his fame and fortune by his acting and movie production. He is the richest Film Producer in the United States.