Robert Deshawn Swonger Net Worth

Robert Deshawn Swonger is a self-proclaimed pimp who is currently in jail on a $50,500 bond. He is also a member of the infamous Las Vegas gang. In fact, he was charged with the trafficking a commercial sex act, the small e. Aside from the aforementioned charge, he was also accused of claiming to be a klutz, which is unsurprising when you are a 107 year old dude. Not only is he a high-roller, but he is also known for his flamboyance and alleged prowess in the art of pranking.

In all honesty, this dude has been in and out of jail for quite some time. But, he is still a jack of all trades when it comes to making a buck. Indeed, it’s no surprise he’s the man when it comes to raking in the cash, thanks to his ties to a number of casinos in the area. Despite his troubles, he remains one of the most likable dudes around. Besides his brash ways, Swonger is a dedicated family man, which isn’t always the case with some of his fellow members of the LV gang.

Aside from his shady activities, Swonger is a devoted golfer and is the proud owner of a set of clubhouse tees. This is a humbling feat considering he was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Brownstown Township, Michigan. Of course, he has been living it up in Las Vegas for the past few years, but it’s not uncommon for Swonger to spend his aforementioned golf days on the road. Apparently, he has some rabid fans in the local golf club. Perhaps he could use his fame as a local celebrity to his advantage?