Robert Flaxman Net Worth

Robert Flaxman is a commercial entrepreneur and politician. He is a former councillor for the city of Winnipeg and the owner of Crown Realty and Development Inc., which has managed almost $1 billion in property. The company is building a mixed-use development in North Phoenix called City North. It is planned to include apartments, hotels and retail shops.

Flaxman is an American national who was born in 1956 in Los Angeles, California. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall and has warm blue eyes. He is the father of three children. Before his arrest, his net worth was estimated to be between $5 million and $17 million.

Robert Flaxman was known for hosting glitzy events in Beverly Hills. He was also a real estate agent who sold many multi-million dollar homes. However, he later pleaded guilty to conspiring with William “Rick” Singer, who was the mastermind behind the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal. During his probation, he was punished with 250 hours of community service.

Flaxman, who had been married three times before, reportedly had a son with his third wife. After his marriage to the woman, he asked her to marry him again, but she said no. But after a few years, they rekindled their relationship and got married.

While in school, Flaxman was also a water softener salesman. He earned approximately $8,000 per week. In addition, he had hundreds of thousands of clients and was well known for hosting prestigious events.

Several years after he married his second wife, he met and dated another woman named Laurie Henderson. They married at age 21. Although their marriage lasted a few years, they divorced. When Flaxman proposed to Henderson, she rejected his offer.

He then went on to marry a third woman, a woman with whom he shared a young son. Despite their divorce, they remained close friends. She was a co-worker at the same company as Flaxman, and he worked for the company while he was still a student.

According to the reports, Flaxman was also involved in the college admissions scandal in Los Angeles. His daughter, Kaylin, was one of the many students who were able to get into colleges through Singer’s scheme.

According to the report, Robert Flaxman had a large portfolio of real estate companies, which were worth approximately $600-million before his arrest. He had sold dozens of homes, including two in Beverly Hills for $38 million and $7.7 million. Another home in Malibu was sold for $26 million. This home is located in a cul-de-sac with a swimming pool and multiple fireplaces.

In October, 2019, Robert Flaxman pleaded guilty to conspiring with Singer. He was sentenced to a year of supervised release and was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine. Federal prosecutors recommended that he serve eight months in prison, but he instead received a month of jail time and a year of probation.

Upon his return from prison, Flaxman continued to sell houses in Beverly Hills. A mansion he owned in Malibu was sold for $26,000,000, while another was sold for $38,000,000. These properties were all part of his portfolio before his arrest.