Roberto Palazuelos Net Worth

Roberto Palazuelos is a famous Mexican actor and model. He is known for his roles in the popular Mexican telenovelas such as La llave de tequila, Muchachitas, and La cuestiĆ³n es la muerte. This Mexican actor has won several awards, including the Silver Goddess award for Best Newcomer and the Silver Gudinna award for Best Male Newcomer for his performance in the movie Do not Panic. The actor has also appeared in many other movies and television serials.

Roberto Palazuelos was born in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico on January 31, 1967. His father is a well-known Mexican actor, who has acted in a number of successful films and telenovelas. In addition to his acting career, the actor is a producer and a model. After completing his education, he went back to college to get a law degree. As of now, he is still studying to become a lawyer.

Roberto Palazuelos has a net worth of around $12 million dollars. This figure is derived from his acting career, his own hotel in the Riviera Maya, and his appearance in advertisements. It is estimated that he will increase his fortune by 2021.

Roberto Palazuelos started his professional acting career in 1988, when he starred in the film “Don’t Panic.” He won the Silver Goddess award for his performance. Later, he starred in the film Muchachitas, which was released in 1991.

Besides his film and television credits, Palazuelos has also participated in the reality TV show El Bar Provoca. He was the winner of the competition, which helped him secure a contract with Pepsi. Since then, Palazuelos has become the brand ambassador for the company. Other than his acting career, he has a B&B business in the Guerrero province of Mexico. Apart from that, he is a member of the pop group OV7.

Roberto Palazuelos and his younger brother Luis Miguel are friends. They grew up together in the same neighborhood. Their grandfather was a famous lawyer and businessman in Acapulco. However, their business was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. When they were teenagers, they became close friends and became singers.

Roberto Palazuelos is a member of the Mexican pop group OV7. He also hosts a reality TV show. Despite his fame and popularity, Palazuelos hasn’t disclosed his age. Although he has an official website, he hasn’t updated his age or marital status.

Roberto Palazuelos has been married to Yadira Garza. They have a son named Roberto Palazuelos Jr. But, no information has been given about their relationship. Moreover, their marriage hasn’t been reported on the media.

Roberto Palazuelos is currently the official brand ambassador for Pepsi. He is also the owner of a number of hotels in the Quintana Roo region of Mexico. Moreover, he is the co-owner of the Ahau Hotel in Tulum. His hotels have been frequented by prominent figures from the entertainment industry.

He has been known for his role as Roger in the much-loved Mexican telenovela Muchachitas. Additionally, he has been recognized for his work in other telenovelas, such as Hasta el fin del mundo, Los ninos del grano, and Amada enemigo.