Rocky Bivens Net Worth – Is Michael Bivins Related To Rocky Bivens?

Rocky Bivens net worth is a celebrity who has a huge following in social media. He has managed to achieve a lot in his life through hard work and has become a role model for many people. Despite being famous, Rocky is also humble and treats his followers with respect. He has a huge following on Instagram and Facebook where he posts various content. He is also a great sportsman and has won numerous awards.

Is Michael Bivins Related To Rocky Bivens?

Rocky is an American businessman who has a huge social media presence. He has over 1 million followers on his Instagram account and has won several awards. He is also a talented musician and has been involved in several projects. His net worth is estimated to be $20 million. He has a large following on his YouTube channel as well.

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LaTocha Scott is married to a music manager named Rocky Bivens. They have been together for over 20 years and are a happy couple. The two share a son called Jamon. Rocky has been a supportive husband and has helped her with all her endeavors.

Recently, it came to light that Unykue Foucha was having an affair with Xscape member LaTocha Scott’s husband, Rocky Bivens. The alleged pregnancy was announced on her private Instagram account. She posted texts, a baby bump photo, and cash transactions between her and Rocky. She later deleted the post and alleged that her page was hacked.

The businessman is an entertainment executive, master negotiator, record producer, songwriter, and serial entrepreneur. He founded and leads Biv Global Management, an entertainment business that represents premium clientele in Film, Television, and Music. He is renowned for his collaborations with iconic entertainers and for closing some of the biggest deals in the industry.

His career began in 1994, when he started working as security for singer-songwriter R. Kelly. He soon became the president of Rockland Records and subsequently founded Biv Global Management LLC. Currently, he is the CEO of the company and is credited with making artists into widely known and universally accepted entities.

He is an alumnus of Brother Rice High School and studied psychology at Northern Illinois University. He is also a trained martial artist and has competed in the sport for over 20 years. He is a well-known public speaker and has hosted many events. He has made several appearances on TV shows as a guest.

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Besides his successful career, Rocky is also an accomplished family man. He has a son, Jamon, and an adopted daughter, Tahyna. He also enjoys basketball and has a love for dogs. He is an avid supporter of the Buffalo Bulls and has even played for them as a redshirt senior. Rocky loves his family and is always there for them in good times and bad. He also encourages them to be successful in their careers and personal lives. He often shares pictures of them on his social media accounts.