Rocky Graziano Net Worth

In boxing history, Rocky Graziano holds the title of being one of the best knockout artists. His record is 67-10-6. He was a middleweight world champion. Throughout his career, he was known for knocking out opponents with just a single punch. However, his boxing career was interrupted.

As a child, he was a juvenile delinquent. After a brief stint with the Army, he was sent to federal penitentiary. Later, he was court-martialed and dishonorably discharged. Then, he turned himself in. From there, he was suspended in all parts of the world.

While in the army, Rocky made friends with an army captain. When the army left, he joined the US Air Force. While there, he started his boxing career. Eventually, he got a professional license from Delaware. He fought a lot, winning 35-6-5 with 25 kayos in 1942-44.

Graziano later became a comedian and actor. He appeared on several television series and was semi-regular on Martha Raye’s show. He also co-hosted a short-lived series with Henny Youngman.

Rocky Graziano died on May 22, 1990. He is buried in the Locust Valley Cemetery in New York. People die for many reasons. Some of them are due to accidents and health problems. But there are also cases of suicide.

Before his death, he had an estimated net worth of between $1 and $5 million. He has an Instagram account. He has also written an autobiography.

Besides his acting and boxing careers, Graziano had a family. Two children were born to him and his wife, Norma Unger. They were married until 1990.

During his professional life, he earned a lot of money. He fought with many of the best mid-level fighters of the time. He fought Sugar Ray Robinson in 1952. Afterwards, he retired. Known for his ability to beat an opponent with a single blow, he was ranked as one of the top fists of all time by the Ring magazine.

At the age of 71, he died from cardiopulmonary failure. He is buried next to his wife at Locust Valley Cemetery. Despite the fact that he is an actor and a comedian, he prefers to keep his personal life private. This is understandable. There are many famous celebrities who die because of various reasons.

Among his most well-known fights, he fought Billy Arnold in 1945. In the third round, he knocked him out. By the end of the night, he had a record of 20-0-1 with 17 knockouts.

He was one of the last great fighters of the golden age of boxing. Besides, his story inspired the film Somebody Up There Likes Me, which won an Oscar in 1956.

Besides his boxing career, he has a car and a salary. Although he had a very successful career, he was a man who disliked training. He preferred to be a comedian instead.

During his career, he was inducted into the Nassau County Sports Hall of Fame. He also participated in several television commercials.