Rodrigo Alonso Herrera Aspra Net Worth

A man with a wealth of over 600 million dollars, Rodrigo Alonso Herrera Aspra is one of Mexico’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. His company, Genomma Lab, is a global business that focuses on health and wellness products.

Herrera is a Mexican businessman who is also known for his involvement in the Shark Tank TV show. The Shark Tank is a popular reality television series where investors (called ‘tiburones’) invest in and help develop the new and promising businesses. In the case of Herrera, the tiburone is not his company, but rather his participation in the show.

The ‘Shark Tank’ is an American TV program that airs on the Sony Channel. This popular show features a panel of tiburones who make investment decisions based on how well their idea will grow. It’s a great way to encourage potential entrepreneurs to take a risk and try to make a profit. Since its inception in 2003, the show has helped to launch the careers of many talented and exciting entrepreneurs.

One of the tiburones on the show is the suave Rodrigo Herrera. At the age of 17, he began selling tomatoes that he grew hydroponically. He later figured out a clever way to sell his wares on the internet and on television.

Aside from his participation in the popular television show, Rodrigo has also had a hand in building one of the most successful companies in Mexico. He is the owner of several brands, including the Suerox line of cosmetics and the Aliviax brand of antigripales.

According to Forbes, Herrera is the 96th richest Mexican entrepreneur. He started his career as an apprentice for a hardware store manager. Eventually, he moved to a production company. During this time, he learned the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Although he is still a young entrepreneur, Herrera has built a huge company. He founded his company in 1996 and it is now listed on the Mexican stock exchange. In 2019, the company’s sales were $12 million, a growth of 75% from the previous year.

Herrera also owns a pharmaceutical company called Genomma Lab. The company is a leader in the market of information services and communications, a niche that is highly competitive in Mexico. Besides Genomma, he also owns the Aliviax brand and the Suerox line of cosmetics.

Another tidbit about this famous entrepreneur is his contributions to society. Herrera has shared his thoughts on how to be successful on social media, particularly Facebook. While the name of his most memorable achievement might be his infamous Shark Tank appearance, he has also made several charitable contributions. Among them are a donation to the Mexican Institute for Human Rights.

In addition to his work in the business world, Rodrigo is an acclaimed actor and journalist. He appeared in a number of movies, and was a runner-up for the Young Journalist of the Year award in 2006. In 2014, he was the editor of the Sports of Mega single. Lastly, Herrera has a catalog of 45 products, some of which are available for free.