Roman Sharf Net Worth – How Much Is Roman Sharf Worth?

If you’re an enthusiast of luxury watches or jewelry then you’ve probably heard of Roman Sharf. He’s an entrepreneur and a watch collector and is the founder of Luxury Bazaar, a retail site where you can buy a wide range of high-end timepieces from a plethora of well-known brands.

The company has grown from a one-man show to a 40+ person operation, with a sales volume of more than $130 million a year. Aside from luxury watches, the brand also sells a wide variety of jewelry, including gold and silver jewelry. This has given the brand a competitive edge in the market. In addition to a full service showroom, the brand boasts a large online presence as well, with an impressive 25,000 sq. ft. facility that houses an online store, an auction platform, and a mobile app.

Although not as old as Roman’s age, the brand was a pioneer in the social media space. Earlier this year, it launched a Facebook and Twitter page with more than 2 million followers. As with most businesses, it has suffered from the effects of a weak economy, but that’s not to say it’s gone under the radar. It was the one of the first companies to allow employees to use their phones for making payments. Despite the challenges, the company has managed to thrive in the post-financial crisis era.

One thing that’s been consistent over the years is the company’s obsession with the latest technology, especially in regards to smartphones. This has led to a number of innovative solutions, many of which have been cited as having a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. For example, a recent study found that the company’s employees use their phones on average more than twice as often as they do their laptops. Additionally, they have a nifty way to track and trace users’ movements, and have even implemented a biometric system to make sure they’re in the right room at the right time.