Rubem Robierb Net Worth

Rubem Robierb is a visual artist and photographer who lives in Miami Beach, Florida. He is popular for his 2D Pop-Art style. His artwork is shown in several countries, including Brazil, France, Monaco, and United States. The artist has been actively engaged in the art world for many years.

Rubem Robierb was born in Brazil on December 1, 1976, under the sign of Sagittarius. When he was a child, he started writing poetry and taking pictures. At the age of 20, he moved to Sao Paulo to attend photography school. In 2008, he settled in Miami, U.S. and opened a studio.

The artist and his significant other are actively involved in the Point Foundation LGBT. They have received an award for their efforts in support of the LGBT community. Both are devoted to the cause of equal marriage and active members of GLAAD.

Sam Champion and Rubem Robierb met when they were both working in the advertising industry. Sam worked as a weather anchor on Good Morning America, and Rubem had been a model. Their relationship grew stronger and eventually they married in 2012. The couple lived in an East Hampton house with four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. They also had a larger wedding in Miami on New Year’s Eve.

Rubem Robierb is a talented photographer, and his work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in different countries. This has helped him earn a good amount of money. Several of his works have earned him media attention, and his photography has been recognized with nine honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards.

Rubem Robierb has a total net worth estimated to be around $10 million. Most of his income is from his artwork and his work as a photographer. Additionally, he makes money through his work as a craftsman. Many of his paintings and sculptures are sold at a high price.

As a member of the LGBT community, the pair are active supporters of the Point Foundation and GLAAD. Besides this, they also receive awards for their efforts in promoting LGBT issues. They were awarded the Visibility Award in Atlanta in 2009.

Rubem has his own official website and his Instagram account. Some of his works have been exhibited in galleries in New York, Paris, and Sao Paulo. There are various performance displays and exhibitions based on his works. Currently, he is engaged in his work at his studio in Miami. While his art has been exhibited in numerous cities, his art is mainly associated with the pop-art movement.

Aside from his creative abilities, Rubem is a good family man. He has a wife and a son. Furthermore, he has good grades throughout his life. Rubem has an interest in ethnicity and lifestyle. Moreover, he enjoys a rich and lavish lifestyle.

Despite his busy work, Rubem Robierb has always maintained an interest in photography. His work has been featured in several exhibitions and his photographs have been featured in galleries in Sao Paulo and in the United States.