Rusty Fawkes Net Worth

Rusty Fawkes is a social media influencer who has a large fan base. She is best known for her cosplays. Rusty is a fan of video games, and spends a lot of time dressing up as her favorite characters. Rusty has been a Cosplayer for over ten years. Although she is still young, she has become a prominent member of the online gaming community. Her cosplays have become viral and her videos have gained thousands of followers.

Rusty has a net worth estimated to be $1-5 million USD. The majority of her earnings comes from her social media accounts. But she also earns through business ventures. Some of her main sources of income include Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. There are several different types of premium content that she posts on her various social media channels.

Rusty is an avid animal lover. She is a huge fan of Tom Cruise and Margot Robbie. She is also an avid reader. Among her favorite fictional characters, she likes to dress up as Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series of video games. As a member of the Cosplay community, she has appeared in various conventions, and has teamed up with a number of brands in the United States. In addition, she has a YouTube channel where she uploads vlogs and Gaming videos.

Rusty began her career as a Cosplayer in 2010. At the age of 13, she started to create cosplays and videos, and her work was very popular. Soon, she was approached by several companies to take part in cosplay contests. Eventually, she became a professional Cosplayer. Now, she has more than 300,000 followers on her YouTube and Instagram. However, her net worth is not as high as the other YouTube stars.

Rusty is an American who has a mixed ethnicity. She is from a Christian background. Currently, Rusty is single. She has not revealed any details about her family. Aside from being a professional Cosplayer, she is a talented streamer. And she has a lot of fans on Twitch.

Rusty has an extensive collection of luxury cars. She often changes her hair color. Also, she takes a good diet and exercises regularly to maintain her physique. She also enjoys reading books about fictional characters. Since she began to gain popularity on the internet, Rusty has been approached by several companies to collaborate on a variety of projects. One of her projects was featuring Hallea Jones on her YouTube channel.

Rusty’s net worth is expected to increase in the future. With a growing fan base and her popularity on the internet, she is bound to become a big star in the near future. Despite her relatively small net worth, she has the potential to become one of the highest earning social media personalities. Besides her YouTube and Instagram account, she has an official website where she can be found. It is also worth noting that she is an active user on other social media platforms such as Twitter and OnlyFans.