Sam Snead Net Worth

Sam Snead was one of the most accomplished golfers of the 20th century. He was a PGA Tour veteran and had a career that spanned nearly four decades. Known for his booming, fluid swing, Snead was a major player in golf for much of that time. In fact, he ranks in the top six in all-time major wins.

Born in Ashwood, VA, Sam Snead began playing golf at age seven. Throughout his childhood, he worked as a caddy at The Homestead’s Old Course in Hot Springs, VA. At the age of 19, he became a professional.

Although he never won a US Open, Sam Snead became one of the world’s best players. He played in the US Navy during World War II, and later on in the PGA Tour. When he was an amateur, he worked as a caddy on the Cascades Course in Hot Springs.

Snead was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. Throughout his career, he had a reputation for being a stern and down-home guy, but he also had a great deal of style. In addition, he had a knack for deep talks, and was always seeking new experiences.

Though he never won the US Open, Sam Snead was one of golf’s most successful players for almost four decades. He holds the record for most PGA Tour wins after the age of 40. And in his time on the PGA Tour, he earned over six million dollars.

He was a Ryder Cup team member ten times between 1937 and 1969, and was the captain for the 1959 team. Despite a back injury during service, Snead was able to compete in the PGA Tour after the US Navy gave him medical discharge.

In the mid-1940s, Snead had an accident that made headlines. His small plane crashed on take-off in Iowa. Although he was unhurt, his sponsors had to cancel his participation in a series of events. Nevertheless, Snead did not disqualify himself in order to avoid spoiling the show.

Although Sam Snead was a very seasoned player, he had some rather bizarre mishaps in his golf career. He was nearly disqualified from a match in Bermuda in 1959. During that same match, he took a risky shot from a difficult lie in the fairway.

A few years after this incident, Snead was involved in another plane crash. He was rescued from the crash by an alligator. However, he was only slightly injured.

During his lifetime, Snead won 81 PGA Tournaments. That is more than any other golfer. He is the only golfer in history to have won nine more major tournaments than Jack Nicklaus.

While he is not known for being a married person, Sam Snead did have a wife. He married Audrey Karnes in 1940. They had two sons. Sadly, Snead died in May 2002. Before his death, he had estimated his net worth at $63 million. Now, his net worth is a little over $5 million.