Samir Soni Net Worth

Samir Soni is an Indian film, television and theatre actor and a director. The actor has acted in several films and television shows and has achieved a great deal of popularity in India. He has also appeared in various theatre plays. His net worth is estimated to be around million dollars. This figure is updated regularly and is calculated using a variety of online sources.

Samir Soni was born on 29 September 1970. He is a member of the Hindu Punjabi community. He has a tall frame of 75 kilograms and is considered as an athletic person. Since his career in acting began, he has been involved in many projects. In fact, he has played prominent roles in a number of blockbuster films and drama serials. However, he has also made cameo appearances in numerous other films and TV shows. A few of his notable movies are Baghban, Kahan Ho Tum, and Lajja.

Samir Soni has won an Indian Telly Award for his performance in the TV series Parichay, which was a part of Ekta Kapoor’s project. Additionally, he has been honored with an ITA Award for Best Actor – Drama (Popular). Also, he has been awarded with several other awards.

After graduating from the California University, Los Angeles, Samir Soni started acting professionally. His first professional role was in the TV series Samandar. Later, he worked in the crime drama film ‘Lajja’ (2001). Afterwards, he acted in the film ‘Baghban’ (2003), which was directed by Amitabh Bachchan. He later participated in the reality television show ‘Big Boss’.

Samir Soni has a daughter, named Ahana. She was born to her mother and father. According to his own account, the couple got divorced after six months of marriage.

Before starting his career as an actor, Samir Soni worked as a fashion model. After his divorce, he moved to New York and subsequently to Canada. While he was there, he also enrolled in acting classes and studied at the Berry Johns’ acting school. Afterwards, he decided to return to India.

After returning to India, Samir Soni was unhappy with his employment. But he decided to quit his job and pursue his career as an actor. When he was eight years old, he wrote a letter to his father, mentioning his dreams of becoming an actor.

Having a passion for mysteries, thrillers and other thrilling movies, Samir Soni started working on a number of theatre plays. He has worked in films like Kahan Ho Tum, Baghban and Parichay. He has also acted in television shows such as ‘Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin’ and ‘Thoothbrush’.

Currently, Samir Soni lives in a luxury home in Mumbai. He owns three cars. He has a large social media account and has been involved in a number of dating rumors. Nevertheless, his followers consider him as a respectable and talented man. Moreover, he has been able to avoid scandals regarding adultery and other scandals.

Samir Soni is one of the most popular Bollywood actors today. As a result, he has been able to make millions from his career as an actor and director.