Sarm Heslop and Ryan Bane Net Worth

The mystery of the missing Sarm Heslop was the subject of several strange twists and turns. One interesting fact is that Sarm Heslop met her boyfriend Ryan Bane through the dating website Tinder. In fact, NBC News has covered the case, and the show has been called ‘Dateline: Siren Song’. While it is true that the couple were working on Siren Sing, a luxury catamaran marketed at $299,00, the real story is how the couple met and why Sarm disappeared.

After meeting on a dating website, Sarm and Bane started a business together. They had a heartfelt connection. On Valentine’s Day, Sarm sent her mother a message. When she didn’t return, she received a text from her boyfriend. Later on, she took pictures of herself and Bane on their yacht.

Sarm Heslop left the UK for the Caribbean. She had worked as a flight attendant and had previously worked in call centers. As the couple traveled the Caribbean, she learned to raft. Her tattoo on her left shoulder indicates she is a well-traveled, Caucasian female. Although she has not been found, she was described as level-headed and a good swimmer.

She and her former husband Bane, had a six-year relationship. According to her ex-husband’s former wife, Corie Stevenson, Bane was abusive. She had lived in constant fear of violent abuse. At one point, she was attacked while Bane was asleep. She left with a chipped tooth.

Sarm and Bane were married, but ended the marriage in 2014. A year later, they decided to separate. Before deciding to part ways, however, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Sarm was last seen in March 2021. She was on a 47-foot yacht named Siren Song. It was moored 120 feet from Frank Bay on the western end of St. John. During the search, investigators noticed that the vessel sat on an anchor alarm, which sounds when a vessel strays from its mooring.

Upon learning that Sarm was missing, the US Virgin Islands Police Department began an investigation. They searched the area and performed an initial land search. Afterward, they hired legal counsel. However, the investigation remained unfruitful. Some authorities are skeptical about the police’s checks of the boat. Others have disputed the claim that the police were able to find any evidence of Sarm’s whereabouts.

Several theories have surfaced concerning Ryan Bane’s involvement. According to reports, Bane contacted the Coast Guard after nine hours, and they were unable to locate Sarm. The FBI was also unable to stop Bane from sailing off.

However, the most important thing to learn from this investigation is that there is no evidence to suggest that Sarm actually entered the water. That’s because a number of experts were able to become familiar with Sarm after just ten hours. And even then, there was no proof that she made a swan dive into the waters.

Despite their differences, Bane and Heslop were able to form a strong bond. Eventually, they departed for a dinner at a restaurant in St. Thomas. From there, they went to the bank in the US Virgin Island. But when they returned to their yacht at about 10 p.m., they had not yet heard from their sweetheart.