Scarra Net Worth – William “Scarra” Li

William “Scarra” Li is an American E-sports Player, entrepreneur and Social Media Personality. He is the co-founder of Offline TV and has a YouTube channel with over 760k subscribers.

Scarra is known for winning a number of competitions in the League of Legends. As a part of Team Dignitas, he has taken part in several casual tournaments. In addition, he has also made his name in the online esports tournaments.

Although he does not play professionally anymore, he continues to compete in spheres. The main source of his income is from merchandise sales. Besides that, he earns a lot from sponsorships and Twitch streaming. He is estimated to earn a net worth of $500k by 2022.

He is also the brand ambassador of Intel and Axe hair gel. Moreover, he has a YouTube channel called Scarra. His current followers are about 1.6 million. He is currently the most watched channel on the Final Fantasy XIV online.

When he was a child, Scarra played chess. He was given the best marks in his childhood. After completing high school, he joined Texas A&M University. At this time, he also started playing video games. However, he eventually decided to drop out of college.

Later, he joined Counter Logic Gaming as a player and later became the head of the organization. During his career with the team, he won $10k with his teammates. Afterwards, he won 1st place in IGN Pro League for League of Legends. During that time, he represented Rock Solid, a team that came third at Newegg Winter Wan Fest 2010.

After retiring from competitive eSports, he founded Offline TV with Chris Chan and Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang. This platform houses a number of streamers, including Based Yoona, Lily “Pokimane” Anys, and Fedmyster.

After becoming a famous YouTube star, William Li began to participate in eSports. As a League of Legends player, he has earned $60k in prize money. Currently, he streams on Twitch and has over 760k subscribers to his YouTube channel. Some of his sponsors include Worlds Hunt, Intel, and Runeterra.

His parents are proud of his choice of career and want him to be a lawyer. However, he wanted to become an astronaut instead. While he was growing up, he used to play video games with his friends. He is also a fan of manga and traditional Chinese medicine.

He is currently single and has not been involved in any romantic relationships. According to reports, he has a chubby body with thin lips. Despite his appearance, he is very kind and caring. Nevertheless, he has avoided discussing his personal details with the media.

His parents, who are of Chinese ethnicity, are also proud of him. His parents have always supported his choice of profession. On the other hand, they are not comfortable with the fact that he has black eyes and a plump body. They also do not reveal his weight and height.

As of now, his estimated net worth is about $381,000. If he continues to perform well, his net worth can reach even higher.